3rd Hotel Targets BofA on Sonoma Plaza

Reliable sources indicate a third hotel is now targeting the plaza location where the Bank of America stands between Chase and the Feed Stores West Napa Street & 1st Street West.

In addition to the highly controversial Darius Anderson Chateau Sonoma-Index Tribune hotel that sparked Measure B slated for the November ballot, there were also reports of the Healdsburg hotel mogul plotting a hotel south on Broadway at the car dealership near  MacArthur Hotel owned by Suzanne Brangham former Director of failed Sonoma Valley Bank.   

This makes no less than three hotels in the works bombarding the Plaza that would be expected to gum up traffic and destroy our small town charm. 

It's unknown who the sponsor is nor how many rooms are contemplated however its set for 3-stories and parking structure underground.

Given the proximity to the Index Tribune project really begs the question the traffic impact on such a busy corner frankly some consider "the" bottleneck of Sonoma and the main passageway from the plaza up Route 12 into the heart of the valley. 
sal nero October 29, 2013 at 06:22 PM
If Bolling is wrong about this he is borrowing from the "I don't have any credibility window yet again." How utterly pathetic that would be and probably is, as many times as he has chosen to be wrong or mislead his readers. 1. Sonoma Valley Bank 2.SDC/Miwok development plan that ejects patients 3. Measure C Hospital Eminent Domain Land Snatch Election Fiasco etc, etc ... ------------------Isn't it ironic that the only time in recent memory that the Index-Tribune and the lion's share of cronies went with the people was to fight a righteous battle in 2003 against Darius Anderson's casino in a victorious grassroots effort called Cows Not Casinos. Only a fool would offer such weak proof that a hotel ISN'T being planned at the B of A site. I suggest Mr. Bolling get out from behind his nest, whoops, I mean desk and earn some money doing actual reportage. Of course, such a story prior to the Measure B election would prove very unhelpful to El Hefe' .
Ralph Hutchinson October 29, 2013 at 06:27 PM
Bolling writes an Op Ed piece today (10/29/13) in the Index Tribune referencing this blog. His logic is that if the Planning Commission doesn't know about it can't be true. Really Dave Bolling? No ideas allowed without first getting the Government blessing? Imagine how many ideas let alone development ideas are floating around at coffee shops or private offices. Sounds a bit COMNUNISTIC there Mr Cuba. El Presidente is pleased I bet?
sal nero October 29, 2013 at 07:10 PM
Uh Mr. Bolling? Feeling a little rundown and sloooow on the trigger? You may want check with your sources at the city planning dept. again. Have you ever heard of the Kessler Group, who is concurrently planning a 5 story hotel in Healdsburg? How many floors might they have in store for little Sonoma Plaza? Kessler was first rumored to be going in at Broadway and Macarthur on the truck lot right across from Saddles/Macarthur Place which is manager by the voice of un-reason, Bill Blum. Now it appears they are circling the B of A site as well. Perhaps Mr. Bolling had better change his sources from the Sonoma City Planner's office to the Patch for timely local news and information.
sal nero October 29, 2013 at 07:53 PM
Are you ready for a 3 story version of this ? That B of A lot is HUGE !!! Plus the 59 room Chateau Sonoma...ALL AT ONCE? At least 125 rooms added BANG ! At the same. Goodness sake. -----------------http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20131010/articles/131019927?title=Plans-for-new-downtown-Healdsburg-hotel-unveiled


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