Early casting for 2014 horror film


Location:  Marin County, California

Contact info:  unitythroughterror@gmail.com 415-342-2671 (preferred)

Director:  Alexander N.H. Marais

Seeking:  Anyone interested in acting in my low-budget horror film.  Everyone will work for free, and simply because they love what they do.  This film will be circulated to numerous film festivals across the country, so it could be your chance to get known!  I am looking for brilliant actors and actresses who can “slip into the skin” of their characters.  While there is a 2-3 page treatment of what dictates the film, I need people who are spontaneous and superb at improvisation.  Don’t just act for the camera, imagine you *are *the character you are presented with, and we’ll work from there.  It’s an unorthodox production but with your hard work, mine, and a bit of good luck we might just make it big together.  No experience necessary.  If interested, please call me at *(415)-342-2671*and we can set up a meeting.  Please leave your name and number.  Shooting is to begin late summer of 2014 and last two weeks.  Details will be emailed to everyone as the shooting date draws closer.  If you’re far away but potentially interested, shoot me an email at

Feel free to attach an audition video, if you like – though we’ll cover that with our meeting.  I look forward to working together, and for us to collaboratively create a new and very refreshing horror experience.  Below this message is some specificity on the main characters.

Kind Regards,
Alexander Marais

-Young girl (12-14 years of age)
-Mother (30-40 years)
-Father (31-50 years)
-Shamanic Practitioner (any age above 25, preferably of Native American descent)


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