Save SDC Events

Sonoma City Council Meeting, Wed. Sept. 4, 6:00 p.m.:

The Council will consider a resolution being placed on its agenda by Mayor Ken Brown calling for keeping SDC open. The resolution is directed at the state's Task Force on the Future of Developmental Centers. The task force has been charged with preparing a report for the state Department of Developmental Services by November on the future of the developmental centers.

Rally to Save SDC, Sat. Sept. 14, Noon, Sonoma Plaza:

Sonoma Developmental Center's Parents Hospital Association is sponsoring a rally to draw attention to the needs of the clients who live at SDC. The rally's message is that the Department of Developmental Services should listen to the parents. We in Sonoma are listening. This rally is an opportunity to show it. Meet outside the horseshoe in front of city hall. We'll march around the plaza, then end in the amphitheater for a rally. Bring a sign. Carpooling is recommended.

.................(The above provide by Gina Cuclis)

sal nero August 29, 2013 at 07:48 AM
While I appreciate the heightened profile of the conversation about SDC, until Supervisor Gorin reveals the secret plans as reported recently in the Press Democrat, I am suspicious that this will be a spleen venting (Whether feigned for political purposes or not) and nothing more. The Sonoma City Council has no more power here than they do about global warming, war or any other issue beyond the City's borders. With the advent of the Graton Rancherias coming to perform sacred rites on an oak tree that fed their ancestors nearby can one be sure that the fate of SDC is still open for debate? Secret development plans and casino Indians doesn't bode well. Sorry. Just reading the tea leaves. All in my opinion of course.
Ralph Hutchinson August 30, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Since Mayor Brown accepted campaign contributions from Darius Anderson and Anderson has been said by IT Editor Bolling to have expressed an interest in developing SDC, it seems odd. Then again, Brown has a key vote in the City on the 59 room hotel proposed which he executed his orders to a tee for that venture, and yet he knows he has no influence on matters like SDC that reside outside the City. I guess its safe to look like a tough guy in that venue right? He's already done the deed for the favor right? While I am generally against wasting City Council time on matters outside their jurisdiction (just as I was the oysters, wars, etc), I am however, a supporter of keeping SDC intact and not allowing it to be developed by Darius Anderson or any other private developer for that matter. I wish the SDC supporters well.
sal nero August 30, 2013 at 07:23 PM
A tried and true political charade. Look tough on a fight that will never happen. If not followed by long term robust and heartfelt effort by Mayor Brown we will then know what we now suspect.


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