Surveys Show Yes on B Winning by Wide Margins

Kessler Healdsburg hotel artist rendering
Kessler Healdsburg hotel artist rendering
The people are speaking, except for a few hundred cronies from the 1% Elite group of Chamber of Commerce members and their close circles propping up the dismal Protect Sonoma campaign, Sonoman's overwhelmingly say they are choosing to accept small hotels that fit with our small town charm and say NO to big hotels and overdevelopment. 

Results estimate 65-75% margins in favor of Measure. (Casual not scientific studies)

Many predict an embarrassing defeat for Darius Anderson's private funded Protect Sonoma PAC. Some liken it to the Measure C Hospital fiasco where admitting defeat a few weeks before the election they actually abandoned the ballot and scrambled to save face with a Plan B!!!!  They lost by a nearly 80% margin. 

The sudden rush of three hotels targeting Sonoma Plaza has drastically amplified Sonoman's concern.  The hotels potentially breaking ground in 2014 are:

- Darius Anderson's Chateau Sonoma turned Jack London facade or is it Barracks style as reported by some bloggers who act like they are on Team Kenwood Investments. They won't say but it's West Napa surrounding the Index Tribune. 

- The Kessler (Healdsburg) hotel targeted for MacArthur at Broadway at Sonoma Truck and Auto

- Third is the newly emerged 3 story underground Parking hotel rumored for the BofA on West Napa at First Street West

The above photo is a Kessler design for Healdsburg it's a 5-story giant so imagine what he might do here in Sonoma. 

REMINDER:  Vote YES on Measure to stop this invasion of hotels and keep Sonoma quaint, and charming. Don't "sell out" like the Chamber of Commerce cronies. Take back our town. These same people have been wrong time and again. 
Ralph Hutchinson November 01, 2013 at 01:20 PM
Ironic the same talking head Steve Page Sonoma Raceway is poised to lose this election by potentially the same wide margins as he did when he was leading Hospital Measure C. Well he certainly is experienced at failure. After all he was a director at failed Sonoma Valley Bank and he tanked the Sonoma Jazz Fest as well. Tracking for 0-4 huh?
Jim Pacheco November 01, 2013 at 07:37 PM
I think your numbers are a bit optimistic, given there are confused voters who want to "protect the Plaza" and think voting No will prevent the 59 room hotel from being built. Also, there will be some number of voters who buy into the scare tactics of the opposition. So, if you are planning on voting YES, and think your vote is not needed, please vote, because every vote counts in this election, and if we get complacent, and not vote, then... VOTE YES ON B!


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