Ways for Sonoma Valley Teachers to Save in the Classroom

Why are Sonoma Valley teachers continuing to pay for school supplies out of their own pocket? According to a recent study, 6.4 million public school teachers in the U.S. spend over $3 billion every year. That’s about $480 of their own money. Sonoma Valley teachers are not only educating students, but when society lets kids down, it’s teachers who step in to fill the gap. Over 91 percent of educators buy basic school supplies for their students especially those schools in lower income communities. There are a variety of organizations that can assist educators in providing an additional income source for school supplies. Big retailers such as Staples are also getting involved by offering a Teachers Rewards program exclusively for educators. The program gives teachers 10 percent back in Staples Rewards on teaching and art supplies including décor, educational games and puzzles, teaching aids, dictionaries, locker accessories, colored pencils and crayons, drafting tools, easel pads, maps, teacher planners and many more. For everything else, including technology and services, teachers will receive five percent back. As you can see, there are various ways in which the community is getting involved to help local teachers. How will you lend a hand? Additional information on this program can be found by clicking here.


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