Why I vote yes on Measure B

If Sonoma is such a great town why can't it sustain over eighty percent occupancy of it's rooms? The answer is simple. Hotel rooms in Sonoma cost too much.

Building another big hotel won't create competition. It will simply allow another niche of people with a higher disposable income to get drunk on rot gut wine and perhaps have a corporate conference or two.

The citizens of Sonoma like the small town charm.  The fundamental question we must ask ourselves is why we can't slow development for the future?

Opponents of measure B say that the planning commission has enough common sense to decide. But measure B gives citizens of Sonoma a loud voice.

The anti measure B people claim that measure B is taking away our voice.  I completely disagree. Measure B gives us a loud voice.

For the first time in my life I feel like voting. I feel like marking my ballot and giving big developer interests a solitary solute. I really think It's great I can express such disdain with such a simple ballot mark.

If the measure B folks really care about my voice perhaps they would like to partake in a shouting match. I think it's better my voicebox remain shut. But thankfully I will be heard at the ballot box.

It saddens me that opponents of measure B would rather view Sonoma as a hospitality ward than a community.  

We mustn't be lured by fictional narratives of what will happen if we vote to limit development. Remember the urban growth boundaries? The sky didn't fall. We still have golden fields and a few valley Oaks left.

The best is yet to come if vote yes on measure A...Finally a citizens voice of development limitations. A real hoot and holler for the people.

How can the anti measure B people claim that hotels do not increase traffic? The only way they can make such a claim is fear based lies. 

Should the yes on measure A folk step up to the plate and play dirty? Yes...we should hit back with below the belt insinuations. Those who bring dirty politics to Sonoma ought to know that we've got a lot of rich volcanic soil to hurl around.

It just so happens the integrity of that soil is in the hands of the citizens of Sonoma. Once and for all we can drive a stake into the mythical vampire and watch darkness turn to light.

Like Moses leading to the Israelites to freedom, we the citizens of Sonoma can march away from the corporate Pharohs and turn to a life of peace and restrained development. 
Ralph Hutchinson October 22, 2013 at 07:21 PM
Well "Let My People Go." Well said Umberto. I hope you do vote with great pride. I think the hotel people prefer higher priced customers and a little higher than average vacancy. The demographics of wine drinkers is higher income than beer drinkers my guess they think if they lower prices they might get the WalMart crowds? They really only want to manage to the busiest quarter of the year in the latter summer and Fall harvest seasons. They are happy with 50% or 70% vacancy in the off season because they gut the heavy season. That way they can take off and clean and repair and relax and wait for the next year of business.


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