Mom’s Talk: The Best Birthday Party Spots in Sonoma

Looking for a great spot in Sonoma to host your next party? Start here with our great list!

Birthday parties can be a little hectic to plan: the location, guest list, cake, food and of course we have to remember the goodie bag.

My twins are turning 6 in a little over a week and we are still in the works of planning their next birthday party. I am always looking for fun and easy place to host a party every year, particularly one that works for both a boy and a girl (another challenge of twins...) 

In the previous years, we have had their party indoors due to the weather (one year we did brave the elements at Train Town) and have had kid friendly, budget concious locals.

But, where are the best birthday party venues in Sonoma? I have asked fellow Sonoma Moms for their input and put together this list of the best party places for that special celebration in Sonoma.  

The list is in no special order, other than seasons, and feel free to add locations I might have missed in the comments?

For the warm weather months, try:

Sonoma Plaza - You can’t beat the plaza! Lots of trees, picnic benches and great kids play areas. The one caveat is that you cannot reserve a table so you will need to go early to claim a good spot in the square. I also recommend checking with the visitor's center to find out if any festivals are going on that day. 

Bartholomew Park - There is a lovely gazebo area and lots of picnic spots on the 400 acre property. Make sure to let the winery know in advance if you have more than just a couple of kids.

Sonoma Train Town -I had my kids second birthday party here. Each guest rides the train and then the carousel and airplanes. They have tables upstairs for lunch and cake. Definitely one of our favorite parties!

Maxwell Fun Center & Golf Land (19171 Sonoma Hwy 707-996-3616)-This is a great place to play miniature golf and play arcade games after. You can also go next door and treat everyone to frozen yogurt at Scoops Frozen Yogurt (707-935-1688).

Morton’s Warm Springs-You can reserve a spot and bring in your own food. Reservation sites include picnic tables, barbeques, sinks, running water and electricity. Capacity for guests per site is from 15 – 400 people. Included in your reservation is full use of the three warm mineral swimming pools, and use of all sports recreation fields with equipment.

Sonoma Aquatic Club Formerly Agua Caliente Swim Center, the club hosts 3 hour parties with the use of the outdoor pool and picnic area. Lifeguards will be provided for parties of 15 or more. Must make reservations at least 7 days in advance.

Cornerstone- You can rent the barn which is in the middle of this amazing art center/garden. Prices start at $500 and can accommodate up to 150. Check out this blog, "A Savvy Event," for a gorgeous first birthday party thrown in the barn.


For the cold weather months, try:

Sonoma Dance & Arts You can rent the entire facility and the party comes with 1-2 party helpers that will play games and read stories to your birthday group.

California Kung Fu- who doesn’t love a party involving kicking and jumping!

Sonoma Community Center has several different rooms available for rent depending on the size of your party starting at about $50. Several mom’s from the Sonoma Mother’s club also recommend hiring an entertainer for this great venue. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Classroom Safari- They will bring an amazing assortment of wild animals to your home or to a rented location. Fellow Prestwood mom, Kathy Lauchland -Ervin recently had them come to her daughter’s sixth birthday and the kids were in amazement of the lemurs, snakes and exotic birds.
  • Children’s Museum of Sonoma County- They will bring a two-hour party to you with seven unique, interactive exhibits. Prices start at $325 for 8-15 children.
  • PoPo the Clown- She has been doing birthday parties for 20 years and is the most amazing face painter and entertainer!  
  • Music Together - Ali Weiss is the amazing music teacher recommended by fellow Sonoma Mother’s Club member, Sharon Johnston. She will do a 45 minute music class in your home or rented location. Ali teaches interactive music classes for children and she has come to Sonoma for private birthday parties.
Renee March 31, 2011 at 03:30 PM
Those are all great ideas. I have never had to plan a party for a boy since I only have daughters. So, I did some very "girl" type parties for them. One was a "tea party" which we held at home when my daughter was in Kindergarten. the girls got all dressed up. My daughter and I baked a cake with 3 tiers and iced it with pink icing and white decorations; there were "tea" sandwiches but while they were tiny finger sandwiches, they were kid friendly peanut butter, tuna, etc. For party favors, we had little bath gels and soaps,plus a chocolate or two in pretty bags tied with (of course) pink ribbons. This was so successful that I repeated it the next year--only I did it at a hotel's tea room which was so much easier since they did all the work. Another year, I had a pool party and did an outdoor barbecue. After everyone swam, there was a clown for entertainment. I also invited as many parents as possible to stay since I needed "life-guards".
Michelle Rulmont April 01, 2011 at 12:13 AM
Great ideas Renee! I actually am really looking forward to my kids having separate parties next year and I can have a girlie party for my daughter! Which hotel did you have the tea party at? Thanks for the great input!!
Michelle Rulmont April 02, 2011 at 08:51 PM
Just wanted to update that it looks like Scoops frozen yogurt has closed next to Maxwell Fun Center! You can always go to Lucky's and pick up cake & ice cream and have it at Maxwell Park!
Julie H. May 09, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Morton's Warm Springs in Glen Ellen! 3 Mineral pools and a creek, 22 acres of pure fun and many picnic tables to host events! 707-833-5511
Alexis Fitts May 09, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Morton's is in there Julie! It's a great recommendation. Love Morton's.


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