Rugby Scores Goal in Cutest Canine Contest

Rags to riches story for a mutt from the Springs


"Hi my name is RUGBY! I'm from the Springs and no one knows what type of dog I am..."

The mutt may not have the papers, but he's got the votes. After two weeks of our , Rugby scampered away with the win with a last-minute blitz of votes from owner Keri Halasz and her friends and family, overtaking the long-time leader Ladybug.

"He's the perfect dog, he's so sweet," said Rubgy's "other mother" Julie Anderson, when informed of Rugby's victory. "He's good with kids, he's good with cats - he's brave, too! He hunts raccoons in the back yard."

Rugby is a mutt, of indeterminate parentage. Moreover, Rugby was a stray.

Halsz and Anderson found him wandering in their Boyes Hot Springs neighborhood. "He followed me home one day three months ago," said Anderson. "No collar, no chip, he wasn't fixed." They think he's about two or three years old.

They got him a collar, a chip and a neutering. Meanwhile they contacted and posted notices, but no one claimed him.

They were more than happy to welcome him into their family, which includes daughter Kolbe, 9, then Kayla, a 19-year-old Australian Shepherd, and Poe, the black cat.

As the Cutest Dog in Sonoma, Rugby will get at $25 gift certificate to . It will be awarded at the event, July 28 at the Plaza.

Come meet Rugby, and find out for yourself why he's .

Cindy July 21, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Aw - a cutey! Ladybug's wagging her tail! They have very similar backgrounds (gotta love the strays from 'indeterminate parentage')-- sound like they'd be fast friends, we'll have to say hello at Bark in the Park!
Julie Anderson July 22, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Rugby can't wait to meet Ladybug! See you next week. Rugby's mom - Julie


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