'Bachelor Ben' Back to Non-Reality-TV Life

"I'm not interested in being famous," says Ben Flajnik, Sonoma County winemaker.


Now that has ended, life has mostly returned to normal for the 29-year-old local heart-throb.

viewers had mixed opinions of the series, particularly Flajnik's choice of model Courtney Robertson to win the final rose and his marriage proposal.

But now, according to the Press Democrat, Flajnik, who lives in San Francisco with two roommates and who commutes four or five times a week to his Sonoma Valley wine label Envolve headquarters, "is not interested in being famous."

Flajnik told the Press Democrat he is still in love with Courtney Robertson, the woman he chose out of 25 who tried to seduce him on the show. But, despite the engagement ring Robertson still wears, they "just starting dating," according to Flajnik.

Here is what he said in the article:

“I’m still in love with this girl,” Flajnik says. “Things are good, but we’re both realists. …We just started dating. She has a ring on her finger but we’re dating. … I want people to know that I’m really, really smart despite what they may have seen and heard. …I understand what I’m doing. I understand what all this means. And I get it.”

To read the Press Democrat story, click here.

Dee Baucher April 22, 2012 at 05:33 PM
How did someone who is "smart" get roped into such a sham? Can't believe that his business generated enough profits to justify the humiliating experience he endured. Oh well... I guess "live and learn" is a good motto. Or maybe he just takes all the embarrassment in stride.


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