Infineon Raceway Officially Drops the Infineon Today

The raceway's will go by "Sonoma" or "formerly Infineon Raceway,"until it finds a new sponsorship partner


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The raceway, located at state Highways 37 and 121 is ending its 10-year sponsorship agreement with Infineon Technologies and dropping the 'Infineon' while it pursues a new partner to take over naming rights.

"Our 10-year sponsorship with Infineon Technologies will expire and the company has decided not to renew the agreement," wrote John Cardinale, vice-president of communications and marketing for the raceway, in an e-mail. "We are actively pursuing a new partner to take over naming rights, but nothing is imminent at this point."

Cardinale said a name change will be made by late fall whether or not the raceway has a new partner.

Until then, the raceway's preferred names are the regional designation "Sonoma" or "formerly Infineon Raceway," according to raceway officials.

The raceway also has a new facility logo that highlights the Sonoma moniker, officials said.

Meanwhile, the raceway formerly known as Infineon has updated all their contact information to reflect the new nom de plume.

Keep up to date on the web at  www.racesonoma.com, follow them on facebook at facebook.com/racesonoma and on Twitter @racesonoma.   

Article is by Bay City news and Alexis Fitts


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