My Neighborhood Favorite – The Fig Café

The Fig Café and Wine Bar is where I bring my favorite company.

My first visit to "the Fig" took place long before I moved into the environs of the Glen Ellen neighborhood favorite.

Still, I walked out with a feeling of ease and a smile, thanks to impeccable service from Sonoma’s sweetest server Krista and food prepared to perfection by Solimar (whom is no longer there). Since then, it's been my Sonoma mainstay.

Located in the heart of Glen Ellen, the Fig's Rhone inspired dishes coupled with a basic décor and layout scream efficiency - and the service team is a powerhouse.  They don’t take reservations but this staff utilizes every seat in the always-busy dining room. I've never waited more than 15 minutes. 

General Manager and Chef Bryan Jone  (that's right, he's both) runs a tight, efficient kitchen with an attention to detail steadfastly focused on the diner's experience.  It's amazing how he can cook so many dishes at once, expedite service and still keep an eye on his diner's tables.

Since my first visit to "the Fig" years ago, not much has changed but I have come to realization of why I love it so much - value and practicality.  The Fig Café is perfect for all occasions: a fancy weekend brunch, a burger at the bar or the nightly $25 prix-fix menu. Even better? The cozy restaurant offers completementary wine corkage, all of the time; it’s the little gift that keeps on giving.  (But the complementary corkage policy doesn’t distract them from building a sophisticated, local Rhone inspired wine list.)

As you walk through the door, it is likely you will be greeted with multiple smiles, from the host, a server, maybe the chef and a few of your neighbors.  Though it’s not Sondra Bernstein’s most "prestigious" restaurant, it is a testament to quality and service without breaking the bank. And it offers a consistancy that is exactly what I want on my table.

The Fig Cafe and Wine Bar, 13690 Arnold Drive, Glen Ellen, open 5:30 - 9:30 weekdays, Branch Sat. and Sun. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 707.938.2130


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