Welcome to Patch, Sonoma Valley

Sonoma Patch expands its coverage into Boyes Hot Springs, Glen Ellen and Kenwood.

Notice anything different? We hope so - and we hope you’re as excited about it as we are! As of today, we are expanding our coverage area to include Glen Ellen, Kenwood and Boyes Hot Springs. We’ll now be featuring all the latest news, information and local business listings from Sonoma Valley.

Because so many of our users live in the valley but work or otherwise spend time in Sonoma, it was just good common sense to build on our existing coverage area.

Take a look at our profile of the young couple behind the Glen Ellen Star, the Sonoma Valley's newest must-go dining spot.

They call it "the Kenwood Castle," but the story of Steve Ledson's eponymous winery is far from feudal, but one built on dreams.

Finally, long before the first appellation or rated restaurant came to Sonoma Valley, it was known for its waters: the Boyes Hot Springs, now the prestigious Fairmount Sonoma Mission Inn.

Don’t worry: We'll still offer the same robust coverage of everything happening in Sonoma. But now we’ll be on top of the things that matter to residents of Glen Ellen, Kenwood and Boyes Hot Springs, too. As always, if you think we're missing anything, let us know!

Your editor is Julie Pendray, but while Julie is away in her homeland of New Zealand, guest editor Christian Kallen will be taking care of things in Sonoma Valley until she returns.

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