What if I told you that I had a designer coffee that has 11 calories per serving and costs less than $2 per cup? What if I told you it would help you LOSE WEIGHT? What if I told you it would give you more ENERGY? What if I told you that it is infused with HEALTHY herbs that improve your mental focus, your memory and gives you sustained energy that will help athletes perform more efficiently?
What if I told you Dr Oz has also labeled the main ingredient as the Holy Grail of weight loss burning 3 times more fat than dieting and exercising alone. Combine this with eating healthy and exercise and your body WILL be a super fat burning machine. What if I told you it was KOSHER and Made in America?


*SPECIAL PRESENTATION* WEDNESDAY Sept. 25 @ 7 P M CLARION HOTEL 1050 Burnett Ave. Concord, CA 94520 Get more in your daily cup with Javita!   Go to Myjavita.com/coffeedean for more information and PM me.   Code word "Dean" for admission and free cup of JAVITA!    Or call (650) 922-2444 for personal presentation.

Ralph Hutchinson September 23, 2013 at 07:00 PM
Why do you have two ads that look the same on the Boards here? One right after the other?


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