Jared Huffman is Clearly the Best Choice for Congress

An opinion by a Healdsburg councilman and Cloverdale councilwoman on the 2nd District Congressional race.

We need a Representative in Washington who not only stands for the right values, but who can deliver results.

The choice is clear. is by far the

Jared has proven his commitment to Democratic values, both in the State Assembly and in his prior work as an environmental and civil rights attorney. He is the only candidate with a proven voting record of leadership on the environment, civil rights and equality, a woman’s right to choose, education, clean energy, and creating jobs.

We’re not alone in thinking so. Jared is supported by the Sierra Club and California League of Conservation Voters, the California Labor Federation, California Federation of Teachers, the California Small Business Association, the North Bay Leadership Council, the Press Democrat, Congressman Mike Thompson, Supervisors Mike McGuire, Valerie Brown, Efren Carrillo and David Rabbitt, Windsor Mayor Debora Fudge and dozens of other councilmembers, educators, and community leaders in our area. 

Like us, they support Jared because he has proven that he has the principles, skills and experience to be an effective voice in Congress.

Jared is a proven leader on issues that matter to our region. He was the only candidate to play an active role in passing the SMART rail program, serving as campaign co-chair in both 2006 and 2008. He is the only candidate who has publicly committed to finding federal funding to accelerate the completion of the project all the way to Cloverdale. SMART is already creating hundreds of jobs, and will create tremendous economic opportunities in cities it serves.

In the State Assembly, Jared’s combination of innovative thinking and political skill has led to a remarkable record. He shepherded more than 60 bills into law, despite having a Republican Governor during most of his tenure in office. Many of those bills broke new policy ground: a testament to his innovative approaches to thorny problems.

Here are just a few of the many successful examples of Jared’s effectiveness and leadership:

  • Jared wrote AB 42, authorizing a new type of nonprofit operating agreement that is benefiting local economies by saving state parks from closure.
  • He authored AB 881, which created Sonoma County’s groundbreaking Regional Climate Protection Authority, enabling a range of innovative, job-creating clean energy programs.
  • He wrote AB 964, which streamlines the process for approving off-stream
    frost protection ponds so vineyards can be protected from frost without harming fragile salmon populations.

To us, the choice is clear. Our region has real needs, and our nation is hurting. We must send someone to Washington who not only stands for the right things, but who has the proven ability to do something about them.

Assemblyman Jared Huffman is the only candidate who meets that standard. We strongly encourage voters to support Jared Huffman for Congress on June 5.

To get involved in Jared’s campaign or to learn more, please visit www.jaredhuffman.com.

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NovatoAVID May 22, 2012 at 08:41 AM
In reading the collection of ideas regarding Mr. Huffman---the only clear opinion is Jared Huffman is not a "clearly the beat choice".candidate
Kevin Moore May 22, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Steve, Glas-Stiegle was repealed under Clinton. That setup Citibank and others to merge banking and investing. Aside from the wars, which Hilary Clinton voted yes, the economy looked upbeat in 2004, just like it does in 2012. Deja vu? The wheels fell off the economy in 2007. We are going into debt faster than ever. The super majority Democrats and Obama signed legislation that extended the tax cuts in December 2010. That is now the Bush-Obama tax cuts. I really dislike both parties as both mainly listen to lobbyist and who is writing the campaign checks. This country has a serious spending problem, more than a tax collection problem. We have suffered through 12 years of the most self-destructive governments ever.
Hans R. May 23, 2012 at 04:05 AM
Jared is in bed with developers along with the rest of the bought and paid for Democrats.
Novato Chess Club May 23, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Amen Hans R.-in the theater of today-politics is about special interest- as a child it was the working class special interest. Nowadays, it is their "donors" special interest....
John Ferguson May 28, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Politicians will tell us what they think we want to hear - so clearly the democrats in this district must care very much about any possible environmental issue and not at all about the fiscal health of our union. Not one democrat in this race has talked at all about reforming entitlements. It's as if the Medicare and Social Security defaults aren't coming, which is madness. Nobody wants to talk about the truth, which is that we'll all have to pay more to get less in the future. Unavoidable, but it doesn't win elections so nobody wants to talk about it.


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