Introducing: Food for Thought

Over 30 percent of Sonoma Valley students are believed to be overweight. Stay tuned as Patch explores food and nutrition in the Sonoma Valley.

In Sonoma we live in a food-conscious town of plenty. But we're not immune to the nutritional crisis, which has rocked the country. 

Across the country, almost 30 percent of fifth and seventh grade students exceeded BMI standards on .

In Sonoma, that number is even higher - over 35 percent of fifth and seventh graders were found to be overweight. 

Though the health department doesn't keep city-specific data on adults, experts believe the rates are similarly high.

All this week,  Sonoma Patch will bring you portraits of nutrition in our community. Coming up:

 Tuesday, parenting columnist Michelle Rulmont explores school lunch in the .

: Wednesday, Morgan Ray tries to follow in the footsteps of the 1,700 Sonoma Valley residents who rely on state subsidies for dinner. 

: Thursday, restaurant writer David DeLuca takes a trip to Sonoma's rarely reviewed fast food corridor. 

: Friday, Rhonda Stallings creates the ultimate Sonoma menu, without leaving the Valley to shop. 

Next week, we'll take a look at the obesity epidemic in Sonoma, and what's being done about it.

Nutrition is an issue that affects each of us, and our community as a whole. We hope you find this series helpful, informative and entertaining—and that you let us know what you think in the comments!


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