Daily Acts Wants You!

Sustainability group urging residents to take small actions toward improving environment


Throughout the year, , a Petaluma sustainability nonprofit, holds workshops that teach locals everything from setting up an edible garden to retrofitting their homes to make them more energy efficient.

The biggest and best of their events, in our humble opinion, is the 350 Home & Garden Challenge started two years ago, when Daily Acts registered 628 “garden actions” throughout Sonoma County. The following year, the number almost doubled and this year the group hopes to inspire 2,012 actions by May 13.

As part of the effort, the groups are encouraging residents to take small, but significant actions toward creating a more sustainable ecosystem and registering them on their website. This can be anything from installing a gray water system that stores and reuses rainwater to taking out a lawn and converting it into an edible garden.

According to Daily Acts, each one of these simple actions increases the health of the watershed by reducing toxins, reducing demand on city water resources, and increasing mindfulness about where water comes from and where it goes when it leaves our property.

In Sonoma, the garden challenge has inspired hundreds of acts – both big and small. Last year, Nuestra Voz began to encourage springs residents to build salsa gardens. The project expanded to the n, which is now being looked at .

So what will your positive action be?

There's still time to register your act on the Daily Acts website, and have a look at a map of all the good-deeds in the works.


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