Wino Tom-NO LIMITS on Plaza Tasting Rooms

It seems wine blogger Tom Wark wants no limits on Plaza Tasting rooms
Of course Tom thinks he's acerbically witty but what he really has done is to focus his microscope to finely. 

Like many recent development interests or people with money to make and a certain axe to grind Tom makes light of the true concern many in Sonoma see in the totality of the new development onslaught that has beset Sonoma. Take a step back and open your darn eyes Tom.

The historic Index-Tribune
Building, complete with a historic commemorative plaque is toast as well as the building next door, the Feed Store at 103 W. Napa with the Union Hotel across the street being seriously contemplated for yet another hotel per CAD plans revealed recently.

But if one reads the attached link they'd find Tom thinks these concerns are idiotic.

You can lead a horse to water...Let's all thank goodness Tom moved to Napa where perhaps he is more happy. 

But if he is happy why, other than self interest in his own wine business, does he ridicule a perfectly noble attempt to truly preserve history in the town he abandoned.

I hope Tom finds another more suitable target for his special brand of snark than civic minded people trying to strike a correct balance in the free for all we have witnessed before in places like Healdsburg and hope to prevent in Sonoma.

I guess Tom doesn't have to drive here too much.

tom February 07, 2014 at 05:47 PM
"a perfectly noble attempt to truly preserve history in the town he abandoned." Someone will have to explain to me how limiting the number of tasting rooms on the plaza to an arbitrary number is an attempt to "truly preserve history".
Ralph Hutchinson February 10, 2014 at 04:14 PM
Probably good to have some boundaries to ensure diversification.
Anna Gomez February 11, 2014 at 12:28 PM
Tom, if someone has to explain that to you then its time for you to see a doctor.
tom February 12, 2014 at 03:07 PM
Educate me Anna. You seem to suggest the answer to my question is obvious.
Anna Gomez February 12, 2014 at 04:07 PM
Tom, read it again and see if you can answer your own question. If you are still having a problem figuring it out I will give you some help. Might be next week - drilling a well on my ranch this week. Mazel Tov!


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