Friday Rants: What's Buggin' You?

Here's your chance to sound off in our weekly forum.


So, what’s making you upset this week? Is there something you want to get off your chest?

We’re offering a new forum here this week to give everyone a chance to weigh in on the topics you choose. That’s right, we’re not asking you to wait for the topic to come up in one of our articles. Go ahead and get the conversation started right here.

Sure, we’d like the topics to be locally focused, but go ahead and jump in with any thought you have that you believe will start up a good, civil online community discussion.

Sometimes the rants lead to action.

For example, over the last couple weeks readers have added to our places they think are unsafe in Sonoma, and others have sounded off about the traffic.

So, what are you waiting for, let your ideas fly! Please keep it clean and refrain from personal attacks and/or name-calling. Address the issue without attacking the person and we’re all good to go.

Oh yeah, what if you have something positive to say, someone you want to praise? Direct that to our sections.


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