Growth Management Should Be People's Choice

Patch reader Leslie Murphy writes us to let her opinion known on the big issue in town

"Small is big!"    I was so happy to read Will Shonbrun's letter to the editor in the Thursday April 11th edition of The Sonoma Valley Sun and see the full size ad rallying local citizens to get involved.  "The citizens of Sonoma deserve a say about the pace and size of hotel growth in the future".    

YES!  If it weren't for the citizens of our town, a large hotel would have been where the Overlook Trail is today. 

I am personally tired of money or individual self-interest being the bottom line. Let's also consider water, the environment, traffic, necessity and future generations.  Sonoma is not just the "wine country"....It's historical, magical Sonoma Valley where people care about their community.  

I am looking forward to the meeting at the Vintage House on April 21st and plan on signing the petition to place the Large Hotel Growth Management Initiative on the ballot.  We can have fun getting involved with what is going on around us!  

Leslie Murphy, Sonoma


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