Sonoma Valley Hospital
Sonoma Valley Hospital
Recent accomplishments made possible years ago by grassroots efforts.

Recent Donations
The recent donations to complete the hospital wing are greatly appreciated.  Generous donations of Mr and Mrs Gary Nelson, Les and Judy Vadasz, recent match offers from Arline and Buddy Pepp and certainly from the fundraising efforts of Chairman Darius Anderson were widely successful.   

How Did We Get Here?
However, many forget the saga that led to a ballot measure called Measure C which ironically is happening much the same way the recent hotel initative Measure B is forming.  Hospital Measure C was when Sonoma Raceway's Steve Page, his crony Mayor Ken Brown and several others tried to take a local generational  farm as eminent domain off Leveroni Road.  If not for a group of common citizens with extraordinary skills and willpower Sonoma would have been in debt for hundreds of millions of dollars now, and moved the facility to another location thus expanding the Growth Boundaries.  Most consider this the larger success now seemingly forgotten in the Index Tribune news archives.  Except the IT archives have been removed beyond March 2011.

Same Cronies
The problem is some of the same cronies responsible for poor decision making and decades of delay are still appearing in hospital photos and articles such as local attorney Valerie Pistole and hotelier Suzanne Brangham who ironically were both Directors on the now failed Sonoma Valley Bank being reviewed by Federal investigators for negligence and fiduciary breaches for lending to a straw borrower and straw buyer developer.  Also still in the mix is Index Tribune former publisher and editor Bill Lynch who routinely was seen in social settings with bank leadership and is considered by some to have marginalized his coverage of the breaking bank failure story in order to run cover for his cronies.  This same type of cover-up action is being seen this week in the removal of the Miwok Acorn Tree Smudging story titled "Praying For A Dying Tree." 

Finally, Darius Anderson and Gary Nelson are now associated with the Index Tribune as owners completing the circle.  Darius was "Cows Not Casinos" in 2003 when he tried to ruin the Valley by bringing in a casino and Gary Nelson was also a former Director of Sonoma Valley Bank but before much of lending to the questionable developer was undertaken.  They are nontheless still connected and interwoven from "Old to new" and part of the crony leadership of Sonoma who keep making similar decisions based on profits and the people needing to activate ballot measures to stop them and the City Council.

Not only do Darius and Gary Nelson represent the uniting of the Newspaper and Sonoma Valley Bank interests, but Darius bought a distressed property from Sonoma Valley Bank (Cohn parcel adjacent to Bank of Marin building on W Napa) when the bank was failing, further comingling interests.

Finally, the Sonoma Jazz Fest included prominent members of Darius Anderson, Steve Page, and Suzanne Brangham so they were very used to working closely together for years and years at least back to the mid-2000 era.  Bank, Hospital, Jazz Fest, the hits just keep on coming.

When will the madness stop?  How many more ballot initiatives will be required by the people?  When will the people elect a Council that actually represents them and not the crony interests concerned about profits more than keeping a quaint little town?

sal nero September 12, 2013 at 06:39 PM
As I recall proponents of the eminent domain/Leveroni land snatch attempt, a mechanism favored by Hospital Insiders as well as the Index-Tribune, Ken Brown and others who now flock to push certain huge hotel developments, were thoroughly embarrassed by their own arrogant miscalculation of the public's pulse. Sounds familiar, eh? After failing to come up with an agreement after the Measure C defeat with the opposition on the question of where and after wasting millions in taxpayer loot and years in lost opportunity cost several concerned ad hoc citizens like the "Carinalli Neighbors" and of course the voters determined the present outcome. The Nelsons deserve credit for their generosity and Ms. Mather has done a whale of a job but clearly the voters prescience has proven correct. That there was an $11 Million funding gap is peanuts compared to taxpayers being on the hook for what were projections of a $250,000,000 gamble. Perhaps I am wrong...but no.
sal nero September 12, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Might as well not even have a local paper if they keep finding their own reports so objectionable as to remove them when they gum up the plans for Boss Hog.
HL Hilton September 12, 2013 at 07:02 PM
Have we traded one Hospital Mafia for another? Clearly the people are the champions here. The townsfolk rejected several plans proposed until they got the one they asked for. How long does Sonoma have to sit back and watch the same group (Dirty Dozen) of cronies make bad decision after bad decision, after bad decision?
Dee Baucher September 14, 2013 at 03:13 PM
You are right about the "Hospital Mafia" modus operendi for the "good old boys" of Sonoma. The hospital is still a big part of the scheme.....they pay off the IT with lots of add revenue on a regular basis....and avoid any real scrutiny of their financial dealings, their CEO, their hospital board, or their functioning as a medical provider. (Even though this is clearly a tax-supported entity....the public is kept totally uninformed about the epic scandals related to the misappropriations of funds, the breeches of medical standards, and other significant ongoing issues. The Mafia continues to manipulate unsuspecting voters and the big donors.....using the "power of the press" and lots of other unscrupulous techniques (as you are aware of). The "elected" hospital board, which is supposed to provide oversight for this public entity, is kept "in line" by the deliberate hand-choosing of individuals who will not question anything, or cause anyone to take note of all the dirt being swept under the carpet. The people of Sonoma have deserved better for a long time.....but they are held captive by this entity that has blocked any local competition to medical services. Fortunately, there are lots of other hospitals in lots of directions in our neighboring towns.


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