hotel-measure B

We live in a competitive society. I say let anyone build a hotel in Sonoma as long as it doesn't exceed   50 units total.20% could be 2 room suite.Trying to protect the Bed & Breakfast people is like prohibiting super markets to protect mom & pop grocery stores.I think the project proposed with the changes made will be a fine addition to our town.Robert H Sherwood Sr.
bob edwards September 12, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Measure B is not about cheerleading for a 'competitive society.' In fact, it will help preserve Sonoma from the destructive effects of the competitive commercial 'money-is-everything' rat-race of unchecked commercial development that has ruined so many other once-charming wine-country towns. It is about preserving the friendly small-town character and unique charm of Sonoma which world-reknown travel magazines have confirmed is the reason people visit here rather than corporatized, Disneyland wine country theme parks like Napa and Rohnert Park. Even residents of Healdsburg are up in arms over hotel development that has ruined that once-charming place. But for those who think 'competition' for tourism is important to Sonoma, consider that if unbridled large hotel development is allowed to destroy Sonoma's character & further clog the historic Plaza downtown area with noise, traffic, pollution and general commercial chaos, we will have lost the 'competitive advantage' that recently propelled Sonoma to Conde Nast's top ten friendliest places in the country to visit. Those driven by 'competition' might take note that the Conde Nast choice of Sonoma reads like this: Those looking for a “down-to-earth alternative to Napa” should look no further than Sonoma, California, praised for its “laid-back style and people” and “amazing wines.” A “fabulous destination for foodies,” visitors find Sonoma to be “charming and picturesque” with a “quaint, yet up to date” vibe. But above all, it’s known to be “a wonderful place to unwind and just enjoy the day.” Napa is a perfect example of how unchecked large hotel development can destroy all of that for ordinary people who choose to live in Sonoma because of what it is, not because it can be a better personal ATM machine for developers.


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