Index-Tribune assists SDC Goon Squad

I hope the Village Idiot will forgive my hijack of his words that I think can be applied in a more macro-Sonoma Valley sense. He opines on a Bolling Editorial on gender issues in part ...

"...Perhaps its time for a female editor. If women were in control at the Incest Tribune, there would be less keystrokes wasted on coverage of adolescent speedway racing and more focus on the sad state of our schools; more reporting on the problem of homelessness for people in our Valley than amenities lavished on wealthy tourists at the Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa; more in-depth looks at the struggles of low-wage wine-industry workers and our Latino population rather than the fantasy lifestyles of the 1% who live life between the pages of Sonoma Magazine; fewer paens to the Romance and Joys of Wine and more concern with alcohol-fueled domestic violence; less shameless self-congratulatory Chamber of Commerce boosterism and more time spent looking in the mirror. Like women do. "


The Village Idiot has placed an index finger right on the pulse of a major problem for Sonoma. Namely, the "Incest-Tribune." 

Touche' mon frere.

It is instructive that the "incest" continues even under new ownership, but to much greater and worse consequence.

The Editor, David Bolling has had to check his conscience at the office door every morning, especially since the takeover by the illustrious Sonoma Media Investments company and it's lead Partner, Darius Anderson.

The new owners have kept Bill Lynch on the payroll to regale you with thrilling tales of yesteryear while tearing apart the very basis and edifice that was the cradle for delivering those stories, which will be torn down for a new hotel. I'm sure Auntie Celie would love to kick him squarely in his rear.

So what's next?

Many have theorized and some have connected the dots to the really big game here in the Valley. The ouster of the SDC patients and theft (or public/private partnership) of the finest piece of developable property in California. 

In spite of happy talk of keeping "some number" (200? 100? 50? 10?) pushed into some far out of the way corner somewhere at SDC, the outcome is not in doubt anymore. You don't need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.

So when the Incest-Tribune writes that a HIGH LEVEL Sacramento meeting resulted in no decisions and nothing to see here, if Ms. Gorin is to be believed, just remember how she is friends with the head of "Friends of the Graton Band of Miwok Casino Croupee's" Susan Moore.

Ms. Moore and North Bay Labor Council Rep. Lisa Maldonado co-Chaired this group in 2011 up until the Rohnert Park Casino opened. This is who Ms. Gorin is swinging with.

So, questions need to be asked. We need to remind them that they are wrong about the patients and about the more than 1,000 union jobs there. 

With 5 potential hotel union jobs we go ape and are forced to an election  and with 1,000 or more SDC union jobs slated to disappear ( SDC is the valley's largest employer) without any notice by the Incest-Tribune. Not a peep?

They probably will steam roll everyone in the valley because we know David Bolling has already said Anderson "does want to develop SDC", a statement he hasn't yet denied. And won't because it's true. At the very least, some public rebuke of this theft of a piece of willed public property, bequeathed by private citizens, for the sole purpose of existing in perpetuity for the "care of the feeble-minded" isn't stolen by other crafty and low character miscreants who don't yet have enough millions yet, an are nothing more than rapacious developers. Locusts.

How about some Miwok prayers for the Patients?

Ralph Hutchinson February 19, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Lots of small towns have comingled businesses and ventures because there are only so many people in town...they are incestual. But Sonoma is far worse. Its politicians, businesses and prominent persons working together under the cover of darkness to benefit themselves and a small group at the expense of the people, their town and important charm and services and money, gifts, kickbacks, and favors are the currency and thats shameful and outright wrong. Then, there is a goon squad of flunkies doing the bidding of their masters if anybody like a blogger dares to scream The Emporer Has No Clothes and tell the truth. The Racetrack gets so much attention because Steve Page of Sonoma Raceway is Bollings friend on the advisory or some editorial board of the IT and he was a board member with now owner Darius Anderson when they were ramming another failure project the Sonoma Jazz Festival down our throats side by side. They are cronies and thus they get a ton of ink to promote their friends race track with free advertising namely articles. We've blogged at length about ties and conflicts of the Sonoma City Council members. Gorin and the Indians are tied in with Casino money and then the Unions are hot on their heels working side by side. Bolling won't deny saying his boss wants to develop SDC because he said it. We know he did we know what he said, the manner and the setting and location. We have inside witnesses. Its true.
Umberto Smith February 23, 2014 at 04:21 PM
Sorry I didn't contact you Ralph...I was busy working and then got sick. I've done some more digging around regarding bank scandal. I suppose I have enough information to come to my own conclusion... This town is really amazing...our superficial spotlight and fake philanthropists are running truly amok.


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