LIVING WAGES - trickle down to other hotels and vineyard workers?

The recent declaration by Kenwood Investments and a strong endorsement by Ben Boyce regarding providing "Living Wages" for hotel workers for Chateau Sonoma may have opened a can of worms. Will other Sonoma hotels be pressured to follow suit? Ben Boyce has previously been involved in Petaluma conversion of the Sheraton to a full Union Shop. Does this mean the Kenwood Investments hotel will go full Union? Unions did show up in Sonoma recently associated with Protect Sonoma door knob hanger projects.  They were construction unions from Rohnert Park. 

With several of the local Sonoma hotels coming out in favor of overturning the initiative sponsored by Preserving Sonoma, they appear to be aligning themselves with Darius Anderson's position. Another recent proponent of the hotel has been the Vinters and Growers Association. This is ironic again because backing the hotel with a Living Wage position and they themselves having a long standing reputation of taking advantage of local Sonoma Valley Vineyard Workers may suggest they are also endorsing the general concept of Living Wages and imply they intend to carry that down to vineyard worker relations. This could get interesting as people continue to take sides but regardless how these groups are coming out a resounding majority of the People of Sonoma are backing the Preserving Sonoma ballot drive. Most of the necessary signatures are believed to now have been collected and informal polling suggests 70%-75% of the voters are supporting the ballot initiative to limit growth until occupancy hits 80% for all hotels over 25 rooms.
Ralph Hutchinson June 07, 2013 at 06:15 PM
Will the casino in Rohnert Park also get looped in with Living Wages and full Union Shop status? Is Ben Boyce working on that project now? Perhaps the new relationship forged on the Hotel Index Tribune with Boyce, can lead to Darius introducing him to the Station Casino people so Ben can discuss the benefits to the Las Vegas casino people? Perhaps Ben can also introduce the various Unions to the applicable parts of the casino operation as well? Gee this relationship just may change the way the entire Northbay Labor Relationships will go?
Will Shonbrun June 08, 2013 at 01:13 PM
I applaud and encourage all Sonoma hotels to pay All their employees a living wage. I trust that Kenwood Investments will pay a living wage in whatever enterprises they now own or will own. And most importantly we can now expect all Sonoma hotels, vintners and growers to do likewise. Kudos to these good business folks for finally seeing the light and embracing just wages. Just think of the great public relations this progressive step will have on future tourism: Sonoma acts to defeat poverty! Does it get any better than this? Chamber of Commerce, are you now aboard?
Ralph Hutchinson June 11, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Maybe the Grange will also get onboard with Living Wages after whipping up the oyster debate into a froth? Yannick?.....any interest in a little grassroots movement to make a real difference here in Sonoma Valley instead of the oyster farms in Marin? The Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary, The Grange, the Vintners and Growers Association....just imagine the movement that Darius Anderson principal of Kenwood Investments developer for the infamous Chateau Sonoma French style Hotel now a Jack London theme so we hear. Lets march on to the Rohnert park Casino and organize their Unions as well for Station Casino, Darius Anderson's consulting client who has a very poor relationship with organized labor in Las Vegas. A change to right the wrongs...time will tell.
Ralph Hutchinson June 27, 2013 at 01:25 PM
Protect Sonoma (Darius Andersons PAC project to back hit hotel) recently hired Unions to walk door to door and hang doorknob hanger flyers. granted these were construction Unions but the foodworkers, hotel, vineyardworkers and other retailer unions may be close behind?
sal nero June 27, 2013 at 04:50 PM
Living wages for all. Fairness for all. Can anyone speak to the other hotels and find out if they back the living wage?


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