LIVING WAGES for ALL of Sonoma Valley?

Questions are being raised in other Valley industries..."Will we also get Living Wages?"

In today's Index Tribune, Theresa M. Schulz of Glen Ellen wrote a provocative Letter to the Editor, asking about whether wineries will be adopting the Darius Anderson Living Wage?

Darius Anderson in an effort to win the hearts and minds of locals, agreed with the local Labor Council to Pay Living Wages at his proposed hotel and to be friendy to any organization attempts should the workforce decide to organize a Union shop.

This action has sparked widespread cries from other hotel employees, and also restaurants and wineries/vineyard workers.  People have been wondering...since several other local hotels (Dan Parks for his hotel, Suzanne Brangham for her MacArthur Place, and The Lodge-Marriott business manager to name a few) have gone on record to outwardly support Darius Anderson's project and speak against the Preserving hotel initiative, then where do they stand on the issue of Living Wages?

Additionally, the Vintners and Growers which I believe represents over 100 wineries and vineyards in Sonoma Valley, also came out in the papers and gave a strong endorsement for Darius, condemning the Preserving hotel initiative.

Finally there are a whole host of winery/vineyard owners endorsing the Protect Sonoma PAC funded by Darius Anderson, as well as local business owners, many of which who are Chamber of Commerce members who adamantly opposes Living Wages and the hotel controlled growth initiative.

Controversy swelled however, surrounding the actual details of the deal signed by Darius.  The local Living Wages, depending on the source and calculation, fall within the $15-$19/hr yet reports are that Darius only agreed to pay $10-$11 an hour, well short of a REAL Living Wage.  So while this wage even at $10/hr is considered an improvement, it may be that Darius merely used this staged event to buy favor and doesn't really buy into the concept of Living Wages. 

It remains to be seen, whether the details will emerge of the Darius/Labor agreement and who else will join in on the Living Wage freight train about to steam through Sonoma Valley.  But one things for sure, this topic is heating up to critical mass.
sal nero July 05, 2013 at 03:52 PM
Linda Maldonado, the union official touts the deal and the hotel proposal while the wage agreed to doesn't pass the giggle test for a real living wage to which many have already stated should be $15-19 in Sonoma. Futhermore, she accuses people of lying without raising a single example of such a lie and provides no facts on which to base any of her opinions. Why is her contract and process still secret ? Can she please hang a pdf file of the contract on the Patch so we can all see what happened?


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