Darius Anderson Patch file photo
Darius Anderson Patch file photo
It seems Darius Anderson is benefitting from State Senator Darrell Steinberg's relaxed stance on CEQA Environmental regulations for the Sacramento King's project.

Has Steinberg ever been to Cuba with Darius and/or has any of his campaign funds been paid by lobby clients of Platinum Advisors? So it appears, "right honorable" Senator Darrell Steinberg is pushing the fast track for developer Darius Anderson.  Is this just more cronyism going on at the State level like we've seen at the local level in Sonoma. The same unethical patterns and practices?  


So it appears we have the following: Eminent domain takeovers, no environmental impact study, and a building on the land that Darius Anderson is said to have previously purchased for cheap. It doesn't seem to matter that every environmental group is howling and signing petitions.  It seems none of that matters when you have friends and cronies in high places of Sacramento politics.


Is this what we need to watch for, these same strategies should Sonoma/SDC be commercially developed as some speculate could be done, by Darius Anderson?  This is a nasty pattern of behavior developing according to many onlookers in Sonoma.


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