New Council Member

So lets just say I met somebody whom is going to run for council...No it is not myself.

But he told me that he has met with the current council members and has actually spoken with Darius.

Are you conspiracy nuts ready to assume the worst...Personally I know the person to be very progressive minded. I'm still dumbfounded why he'd waste a minute with Darius.

Can he be corrupted? I don't think so. Will he be as boring on the podium as the rest? Yes he will...but his ideology will be much different than the others, that I can assure you. 
Ralph Hutchinson March 18, 2014 at 12:14 PM
Well Sonoma isn't just going to vote for someone because they are different, they will have to be well known and stand for Community Values and the local industry. Whether they met with Darius or not doesn't matter he is an important figure in The Valley and certainly needs dealt with directly. That has no bearing on being conflicted. Its what other ties this person has and whether they can act independently of people and focus on issues...that they don't accept gifts, campaign dollars and lavish party invitations.


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