PROTECT SONOMA HOTEL---Expected to Retaliate Soon

Sources indicate an alliance between a local political lobbyist and Darius Anderson's interests is poised to respond to the wave of initially dominating efforts of Preserving Sonoma led by Larry Barnett. Muelrath Public Affairs (MPR) led by Robert L. Muelrath II from Santa Rosa is expected to lend its support to stopping the ballot initiative and influencing voters to reject the initiative to limit hotel development. Tactics are believed to be extreme and aggresive so many in the Valley are bracing. This firm has helped other various political officials and initiatives in Northern California and beyond. Below is a link to the firm suspected of leading the defensive strategies for Darius Anderson's Kenwood Investments and the Sonoma Hotel Project.


Kenwood Investments is also said to be lobbying the local Chamber of Commerce members, Wine Industry officials, and real estate moguls.  Rumors also circulate around Darius Anderson championing a Living Wage initiative for all Sonoma Valley businesses.  This could prove divisive among business owners he so desperately is trying to woo over to support his position, a very dangerous move on his part some say.
Ralph Hutchinson June 12, 2013 at 05:00 PM
FROM HIS MPR WEBSITE: Most recently, he handled the controversial March 2007, Measure B campaign, a parcel tax increase for the Sonoma Valley Health Care District that increases the funding for their local hospital over the next five years. There was mass confusion and controversy amongst voters as it relates to the hospital. The polling indicated that the highest watermark for Measure B was 59%. The campaign needed 67% to be successful. Measure B passed with 74% of the vote.
Ralph Hutchinson June 12, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Wasn't Ron Burkle, Darius Andersons old mentor from Ralph's Grocery Stores-Yucaipa? And Doesn't Darius host State Assemblymen from San Luis Obispo on junkets to Cuba and aren't these same Assemblymen from San Luis Obispo where another big Development Center a sister to Sonoma Development Center reside. Are we starting to see the same patterns of cronies popping up again? Any other names below on Darius Anderson's like of clients he lobbies for and also connected to Muelrath? From his MPR Website: His work for previous clients includes consulting for Waste Management, Ralphs Grocery Stores, Sprint PCS, and Chevron, directing public affairs/grassroots lobbying programs. He also assisted in crisis management for Mobil Oil Corporation. Mr. Muelrath attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and studied Agricultural Science and Political Science.
sal nero June 12, 2013 at 08:43 PM
Burkle recently assisted Anderson in Sacramento to retain the NBA team before exiting, assuring redevelopment of speculative property purchased by Anderson. They have worked on several developments including Treasure Island, which lost its Chinese financing partner only very recently. These guys do the same things over and over. Is it really a stretch to imagine a Casino locally? Just keep whispering to yourself "it can't happen here, can't It?" Hey Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore !!!


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