Rants and Raves: What's Eating You?

How is life in Sonoma treating you? Good or bad, boring or aggravating? Let us know with your comments!

So, what’s making you upset this week? Is there something you want to get off your chest?

We’re offering you a forum to give everyone a chance to weigh in on the topics you choose. That’s right, we’re not asking you to wait for the topic to come up in one of our articles. Go ahead and get the conversation started right here.

Over in Healdsburg, for example, readers complained that the section at the Raven Film Center was preventing teens from seeing the "Hunger Games" film.

they're raging about unfunded pension obligations, traffic, unused commercial buildings and the city council. But they're raving about Honeybee Park.

Surely we can find something to love about - or feel needs improvement - about Sonoma!

Sure, we’d like the topics to be locally focused, but go ahead and jump in with any thought you have that you believe will start up a good, civil online community discussion.

Please keep it clean and refrain from personal attacks and/or name-calling. Address the issue without attacking the person and we’re all good to go.

Lilly Mc Donald June 26, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Here is a few rants for people to think about: 1. Budget cuts in our schools! Yet over half of the students get free lunches but carry a 400.00 I-phone in their back pockets and drive away in SUV and Cadillacs. Millions of dollars chopped from our schools, jobs lost, yet there are brand new tech carts-hundreds of NEW text books not being utilized and now I-pads for all teachers. REALLY-can't we re-distribute money to make it go to more useful things; jobs, fewer furlough days ect.
Lilly Mc Donald June 26, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Another problem: Ask yourself, who is coaching my child? Do they offer encourage ment? Or do they bench your child every game, marginalize them-care more about a score board than building confidence in a child? Do they scream-spit tobacco on the field, offer dirty looks when a child swings at a high pitch, scream and swear when they miss a bunt sign, made to feel horrid when they leave a field? Just remember, these kids will grow up and become coaches, eductors and such, and what you demonstrate on a field is teaching our kids to do the same. You show fairness, you teach fairness, you offer encouragement, you teach encouragement. One of the best baseball teams on the field in Sonoma at this very moment offers all of the above and that is why they are in the top spot in baseball. They truly care about the kids, all the kids!


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