Napa Valley Patch file photo
Napa Valley Patch file photo
Darius Anderson eyes the prize according to IT Editor Bolling.

As SDC families and supporters fight for the rights of center residents to keep the SDC operating, others are meeting in secrecy with County Supervisor Gorin to explain their vision of what else can be done with the space commercially if it were to be closed down.

Earlier articles in the Press Democrat suggest Supervisor Gorin met behind closed doors and refused to disclose with whom she met to discuss development alternatives.  Many speculate it was none other than Darius Anderson local lobbyist, casino backer, and hotel developer.

At a luncheon earlier this year, Index Tribune Editor David Bolling laughed at the idea of SDC being a conspiracy, or turning into a casino as some speculate.  In his same sentence he confirmed that his Boss Darius, however, WAS interested in developing SDC for other uses, confirming what many already speculated. 

Recently, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria showed up in Glen Ellen to perform sacred rituals on an acorn tree and got press coverage in both the IT and the PD.  Many speculate this recent emergence could signal renewed interest in the Tribe for Sonoma Valley after their failure in Cows Not Casinos campaign of 2003 which Darius Anderson led alongside his partner Doug Boxer son of Barbara Boxer.  Barbara was credited with fast tracking the application for Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria.  This is the same group that moved up the 101 and is nearing completion on the Rohnert Park casino.

Mayor Ken Brown, who has demonstrated widespread support for Darius Anderson and his Plaza Hotel currently proposed, and accepted campaign contributions from Darius and Sarah, is going to read in a statemement in support of SDC remaining open at the next City Council Meeting.  While it is appreciated, some view this gesture as half hearted since he has openly shown such support for Darius an opponent of SDC, and SDC falls outside of the City jurisdiction so his influence is questionable.  Some view it as a slap in the face of SDC.  However, any attention given to the cause of SDC and the residents is appreciated by many in the Valley. 

Supporters are urged to write the Governor's Office, State political officials, local politicians, and sign petitions circulating by the Parent Hospital Association of SDC.  Donations to fight the cause are also gladly accepted.  Please visit their website for more details how to help.  http://www.parenthospitalassociation.org/

The SDC Rally is taking place Saturday September 14th on the Sonoma Plaza at noon.  Please come out and show your support.
sal nero September 06, 2013 at 05:37 PM
Ah yes, and Bolling was the moderator and Torquemada wannabe at the Ramekins SDC bashing after printing 35 mostly salacious Index-Tribune articles about crimes that had taken place there. Along with help from Anderson partner Steven Falk's old colleagues from the SF Chron cum California Watch Bolling orchestrated a slanted representation that devalued the very essential care being provided at SDC while stealing hope from families. The kangaroo court was in session and the outcome was predetermined. CLOSE IT. Its just too expensive. Whether we bring the rest to the best location in the system or add other health services at SDC to maximize cost benefit per dollar spent and square foot we cannot stand by silently and sell instead of fixing a broken system and saving a sanctuary for the most innocent of us. Put yourself in their shoes if you dare. This isn't just about stopping a developer land snatch. Its about seeing if you can empathize with your neighbors. One day most of us will need some kind of empathy not matter how much treasure we accrue. Shouldn't we be practicing that?
Chris David September 09, 2013 at 10:38 PM
Worried you won't have a place to live Sal "Ralph Hutchinson" Nero. The SDC is plagued with violations and needs to close. No.. there won't be a casino there.. you are craaaazzzyyy.
Jim Welte September 10, 2013 at 12:25 AM
Chris, please refrain from calling those with whom you disagree crazy. Thanks.
Ralph Hutchinson September 11, 2013 at 02:37 PM
Again, I am concerned for the residents and their families of SDC that they continue to have a place to take care of their unique and special needs. I'm concerned local developers-newspaper owners have dramatized a few tragedies and are pushing to have SDC closed and the residents relocated so they can develop SDC into something they can make millions off of. Whether its casinos, wineries, or retail/hotel establishments I don't want these people misplaced. People from the Parent Hospital Association will be marching for their families' rights on Sonoma Plaza and I support their efforts. They have a petition and are writing their politicians for which I applaud. Chris David, why are you so threatened by my opinion as to call me such insensitive names particularly given the topic of SDC and mental challenges some of these innocent people deal with?


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