SDC-Darius takeover assisted by local pols?

Grateful Darius & Migden. Gorin's turn next ?
Grateful Darius & Migden. Gorin's turn next ?
Forget hotels and other penny ante schemes because the big score is in sight. Target acquired.

Watching the I-T change the SDC story from repeating dozens of salacious rape and torture stories culminating in a Ramekins SDC trashing in January 2012 to now feigning any form of sympathy for SDC patients is laughable (and sad) enough before being treated to today's latest pack of lies and deceit served up by the Index Tribune.

The Index-Tribune is owned by Darius Anderson, the man pictured above and described last spring by I-T Editor David Bolling to a luncheon gathering as "interested in developing SDC" (a fact Bolling has never refuted because he can't), who together have done all they could to vilify SDC to help push patients ever closer to the eviction cliff.

Judging by today's article by henchman Bolling, the plan is shifting into another phase.

It appears the politicians have rationalized the fate of the SDC patients, which aren't a problem anymore, right? After all, every newly reported head count shows attrition as if God isn't making anymore of this kind of patient population. 

I wonder if science has advanced that far or just news reporting ? I'm pretty sure Sonoma news reporting has made the advancement ... in a most immoral way.

The team of developers and politicians are starting to peak their heads out from behind their iron curtain of secrecy.

"A top-level meeting of legislators and state officials in Sacramento on Tuesday was not intended to produce decisions about the future of the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC), and no actions were taken."

Really? Do "TOP LEVEL" meetings ever happen in Sacramento when "NOTHING" is being decided? Sacramento "kabuki" at it's finest. But don't forget the local pols' hand in this as they must also have Sacramento aspirations, no doubt. And who is best equipped to help them. Look at the above picture for a clue.

"...“There was, essentially, nothing discussed at the meeting,” Gorin said. “Senator Evans asked for the meeting to get the status of the action plan at SDC, but no timelines were discussed, no future conversations were planned about how this would play out. There’s no big story.”..."

"Gorin added that both Yamada and Evans are planning to introduce spot legislation shortly that can be amended with specific action steps when plans for the facility become clearer. ..."

So what we have is some amorphous, open-ended proposed bill for SDC that can be altered any old time when WHO'S plans become clearer ?

I am sure it is the developers' and politicians' first concern, this dwindling, miniscule patient population, because they seem so sincere, right?

"...A task force of stakeholders concluded a two-month review of Developmental Center policy and resources, and issued a report in January recommending that most of the 463 residents at SDC be eventually transferred into smaller group home facilities. Such a step would precipitate decisions about disposition of the 1,000-acre property, the fate of the approximately 1,200 employees at the facility and the safety and comfort of residents, many of whom have severe medical and behavioral conditions. Gorin reiterated her intention to explore future scenarios that would preserve some services, and possibly smaller, more compact residential housing on the existing campus. ..."

But why is Kathleen Miller a patient mother and leader of the Patient Hospital Association being such a pain? Doesn't she realize the patient head count reported in Index-Tribune is dropping everyday and the "PROBLEM" is disappearing?

“Developmental center families are being told not to worry,” Miller wrote in a recent statement. “We are being told that alternative placements can handle our loved ones without problems. They do it every day. But Sonoma families are still very worried.”

Susan Gorin, the woman who refused to say who she was meeting with about SDC a year ago would like to reassure us all.

"...Meanwhile, Gorin said, she is participating in discussions between DDS and the county’s Regional Parks with hopes that the lower campus of SDC can be incorporated into the County’s Sonoma Valley Regional Park in Glen Ellen. Further discussions are planned to explore transferring the upper acreage, which covers the flank of Sonoma Mountain, to Jack London State Historical Park. ..."

Have you noticed an increasing usage of the term "public/private partnership" in the lexicon of the Index-Tribune? It is simply a print version of Neuro-Linguistic Programing and an attempt to inure the readership into a "so what "state of mind when the "public/private partnership" that will shape the development goldmine that is SDC is finally announced.

This is simply some of the most valuable real estate in California.

"...“There was, essentially, nothing discussed at the meeting,” Gorin said. “Senator Evans asked for the meeting to get the status of the action plan at SDC, but no timelines were discussed, no future conversations were planned about how this would play out. There’s no big story.” ..."

So, yeah nothing to discuss...nothing to see here...just move it along fella, no news to report !

Thanks I-T.

Ralph Hutchinson February 19, 2014 at 12:40 PM
All spin to get the boss what he wants at SDC.
Anna Gomez February 24, 2014 at 09:59 AM
Yeah, those patients beds are taking up valuable video poker space. Hey, has he shipped in any native americans yet to show up as long time residences of Eldridge? Maybe hire an actor like the Italian guy who played the crying Indian in those tv ads of yesteryear.
Ralph Hutchinson February 24, 2014 at 10:18 AM
The Indians were in GE to bless the acorn tree establishing their presence and that's close to Eldridge. My guess they already staked claim.


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