As the facts begin to unfold one thing is crystal clear. Lynch and BOLLING, who received all if the same evidence sent to the Press Democrat purposely lied to Sonomans and spun the FDIC as the "forces of evil" to quote former bank Chairman, Robert Nicholas.

Lynch actually tried to make people think that the FDIC just goes around closing banks down on a whim.

Everyone involved in the cover-up, including Lynch, BOLLING and all SVB bank Directors and Officers responsible for this theft, should do the right thing, apologize and then get the hell out of town.

They should be ashamed to show their faces around town.
howiewine May 07, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Still no story in the Sonoma Incest-Tribune about a big story concerning Sonoma and covered by every other nearby paper?
Ralph Hutchinson May 07, 2014 at 10:32 AM
Lynch and Bolling were briefed by my emails all along the way about Bijian Madjlessi, huge loan concentrations, and negligence and I CC'd several other prominent officials in town so they could bear witness to the coverup. I have copies of all the emails so there is no denying what the Index Tribune officials did. I even included Hoban on some emails to no avail. All because of cronyism and favors.
Will Shonbrun May 09, 2014 at 01:04 PM
Bill Lynch, former Index-Tribune Publisher/Editor, attempted to cover up what happened at the Sonoma VAlley Bank and dismiss as unwarranted the federal investigation that ensued. If that's journalism, ,it's journalism of the worst sort. What his motives were are unknown, but his actions, insisting that absolutely nothing the bank officers or its board did was illegal and that the federal investigation was a "witch-hunt", is a violation of any ethical journalistic principles of which I'm aware. So what is Lynch's comeuppance? He sells his newspaper and the property it's on to a lobbyist-developer for a high-end luxury hotel catering to the 1%, and he gets placed on the board of the Community Center. Justice, Sonoma-style.


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