Taking a TV Tour of Sonoma with 'Eye on the Bay'

Host Liam Mayclem indulged himself in a bit of wine, food and cyclery in Sonoma recently. Tune him in this week for more.

Several locals reported seeing cameras and a vaguely familiar if overtly friendly face in town a couple weekends ago, before all that 4th of July holiday hoopla.

Turns out that was Liam Mayclem of CBS 5 TV's  "Eye on the Bay" news series, and crew.

Mayclem, an Emmy award-winning host, is apparently a man of many interests. The self-described "Englishman with an Irish accent" has cooked with the world’s top chefs, enjoys venturing outdoors as well pursuing his love of "good nosh for cheap" by the exploring the Bay Area through its kitchens.

In Sonoma, apparently, it all comes together.

With the help of the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, the beaming livesite reporter followed an itinerary that included several bullet-points in the tourist's bucket list, to mix metaphors:

Liam Mayclem’s Weekend Schedule:

  • Friday Afternoon:
    Tour of the historic Plaza in downtown Sonoma with Wendy Peterson, Executive Director of the
  • Saturday Morning:
    Morning ride with Jeff Montague of on a guided bike tour through local vineyards
  • Saturday Afternoon:
    Wine tasting in the plaza at tasting room, followed by lunch at
  • Saturday Evening:
    Dinner at .

In other words, walk the plaza, ride a bike, drink some wine and have a couple great meals. Isn't that why people come to Sonoma?

You can see the results of Mayclem's visit in Liam Mayclem’s Eye On Sonoma, the current episode  airing on KCBS TV-5 Monday night on the 7 p.m. news. Check out the video by watching on this page, which teases an upcoming interview with of fame.

Still, we have to ask: If Liam Mayclem is best known for his "Cheap Eats" episodes, what's he doing coming to Sonoma?

Turns out the visit was coincident with the last weekend at Café La Haye. Coincidence? We think not.


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