Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

Become a Blogger for Patch and contribute to Sonoma's public discourse, event promotion, education and arts.

One  goal of Patch is to create a public dialog in Sonoma for local personalities, businesses, families, schools and other groups to share their interests and events. As well, we hope people take advantage of this forum to talk about issues of the day, especially (but not limited) to those that affect Sonoma.

Sometimes it seems awful quiet in here.

There's a blogger in Novato - why not here?

There's a in Rohnert Park - why not here?

There's a Wine blogger in Healdsburg - why not here?

There's a blogger in Petaluma - why not here?

There's even a  Fertility Counselor blogging in Petaluma and other local Patches (we've of them here, too).

Down in Marin County, there's a high school student blogging about , in San Anselmo there's a , Novato has a , and several towns in the North Bay have amateur historians.

So, Sonoma, why are we so silent? If you are you passionate about something, and we suspect you are, we want to hear what you have to say.

Patch bloggers are not paid but you will own their content, so if you have something to share with our readers, too, let us know.

, former editor Alexis Fitts put out a call for bloggers, much like this one.  While there were a couple comments, no new Local Voices emerged.

For now, email me, Christian Kallen, the guest editor for another week. Or you can contact our regional editor Carlos Villatoro, if you have further questions.

Charley Cormany July 10, 2012 at 11:48 PM
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