Human Skull, Remains Found Sunday at Shiloh Regional Park

Further investigation will resume Monday morning.

Sonoma County Sheriff's deputies

Sonoma County Sheriff's Detectives have secured the scene at a creek bed in Shiloh Regional Park in Windsor where earlier today deputies confirmed discovery of a human skull, a tennis shoe and other human remains.

According to the Sonoma County Sheriff's Deparment,  a citizen telephoned the Sheriff's Office at about 2:20 p.m. today and stated he was walking in Shiloh Regional Park at 5750 Faught Road, Windsor, when he and his two children came upon a human skull and a tennis shoe in a creek bed.

Deputies responded to the scene and confirmed it was, in fact, a human skull. Deputies also saw other skeletal remains under the leaves in the immediate area.
Detectives were called out to the scene for further investigation. Due to darkness the Sheriff's Office secured the scene and will continue the investigation in the morning.

The identity of the remains is unknown at this time.


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