Woman Arrested for Passing False Checks in Sonoma

Saundra Djafarzadeh is suspected of check fraud throughout North Bay. She was arrested in Vallejo.

Sonoma Police have arrested a woman accused of passing fake checks at numerous Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Safeway stores throughout the North Bay Area stretching from Novato up to Lake County.

Saundra Djafarzadeh (aka Parnian Clark) was taken into custody at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in Vallejo for commercial burglary and check fraud, according to Sgt. Dave Thompson.

Djafarzadeh, an Iranian female, age 38 of Vallejo, was identified as having passed four separate fictitious checks at the Sonoma Safeway on two separate days over the last month. Hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards were purchased using the bogus checks. The checks were all fraudulent but were made up using other individuals' names, addresses and bank account information, Thompson reported.

Upon her arrest Djafarzadeh was in possession of several fraudulent checks, over 30 gift cards and California identification cards belonging to other individuals.

A subsequent search of her Vallejo residence revealed color printers with reams of blank-check stock in them, check-making documents and programs as well as numerous fraudulent checks.

Multiple law enforcement jurisdictions are investigating Djafarzadeh's suspected criminal endeavors and additional charges will be forthcoming against her, police report.


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