Police Log: Cutting Coke at the Cemetary, Fireworks at School, Pinched 'Cheeks'

Sonoma Police Log: Sept. 2-8

Selected calls from the :

Friday, September 2

Assault: Just before 4:20pm, a 13-year-old girl, walking by , was pinched on the butt by a passing cyclist. She said the cyclist was in his mid to late twenties with a fair completion. He wore a Giant’s baseball hat and t-shirt and rode a black mountain bike.

Saturday, September 3

Petty Theft: Just after 7pm, a 59-year-old Boyes Hot Springs woman’s purse was stolen out of her vehicle, which was parked on Brockman Lane and Jones Street with the windows down and doors unlocked. Valued at $420, her purse contained a drivers’ license, a men’s gold ring, and a pearl necklace

Sunday, September 4

DUI: An officer halted the driver of a grey ‘93 Toyota Tacoma after he made a wide right turn from First Street West into oncoming traffic on West Spain Street.  The driver, Juan Pullido, a 51-year-old Boyes Hot Springs man, told the officer he drank two ‘7 and 7s’ at a bar before driving. He failed basic sobriety tests, and breath tests at the police department marked his blood alcohol level as .19 percent and .18 percent. He was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol and booked into Sonoma County Jail.

Possession of a Controlled Substance:  A deputy and California Highway Patrol officer stopped a gray ’91 Toyota Celica with expired registration at the corner of Petaluma Ave. and Riverside Dr., at 8:15pm. While the CHP officer spoke with the driver, the deputy noticed the passenger, Carl Trumble, 49, fumbling with his cell phone and feeling under his seat. The deputy ordered Trumble, who is on probation with a search and seizure clause, out of the vehicle and searched the passenger seat. Under the seat, he found a small white lip balm container, containing .5 grams of Methamphetamine. The driver was cited for failure to register his vehicle; Trumble was charged with a probation violation and possession of a controlled substance and was booked into Sonoma County Jail.

Monday, September 5

Possession of a Controlled Substance: Just after 1pm an officer was called to Mountain Cemetery on reports that two young men were drinking. The officer spotted Jacob Evans, a 24-year-old transient and Keenan Crumbliss, a 22-year-old Boyes Hot Springs man, sitting on a raised tomb, playing music, drinking beers. The officer spotted Evans cutting .1 grams of cocaine across a book, using a bookmark for a straw. Keenan was charged with three outstanding warrants; both men were charged with possession of a controlled substance and booked into Sonoma County Jail.

Warrant: Nicholas Formato, a 21-year-old Sonoma resident, was arrested 400 block of Andreux Street.  

Tuesday, September 6

Marijuana at School: A 15-year-old Boyes Hot Springs resident arrived at for class reeking of newly burned marijuana. His teacher sent him to the school resource officer who found a tissue containing a small piece of marijuana and two packs of cigarette paper in the young man’s pants pocket, and a Ziploc back containing 10.6 grams of marijuana in his backpack. He was charged with possession of marijuana by a minor at school and released to a high school administrator.

Wednesday, September 7

Fireworks at School: Two Sonoma boys, both 13, were found with firecrackers at . They were issued a citation to youth and family services.

Thursday, September 8

Petty Theft: Just before 11 am a staffer at found that someone had jumped the fence to the restaurant’s back patio, stealing a small amount of ground lamb meat from an unlocked refrigerator and four bottles of wine from behind an outdoor bar. The stolen goods are worth $200.

J L September 13, 2011 at 04:16 PM
There seem to be a lot of thefts out of cars with windows open and doors unlocked. You would think that people would learn you only leave your windows cracked and even at that never leave your valuables in sight (better just to take your purse with you).


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