Police Logs from the 5th of July and Beyond

Ladies Love Outlaws and other myths of the mean streets of Sonoma

A partial run-down of activity from July 5 - July 12, 2012.

On July 5 at 1:38 am, still in the throes of the July 4 holiday, an apparent gang fight broke out in the parking lot on West Napa. Five to seven subjects, all dressed in white shirts, were reported fighting in the parking lot. They had begun to race to their cars to leave when police arrived. Three vehicles were involved; one of them was stopped and the driver, Kevin Videtta, 18, of Petaluma, apprehended and field tested for alcohol. He blew under .08 but as he was a minor he was cited, and will face an automatic one-year suspension of his license.

At 6:19 am, the contacted police to report a burglary of expensive cheeses and ham over the night of the 4th of July activity. Apparently sometime after 11 pm someone scaled the rear fence to enter the patio area and broke into the business. Video surveillance footage showed a white or Hispanic male in his 20s, black hair, tall or medium build with a tattoo on his shoulder blade, breaking in shortly before 1 am that morning. The reporting party from the café thought it might be a former employee who had worked there from 2010 until January of this year, as he was seen in the patio that afternoon.

Police contacted the suspect, who admitted he had been at the café but denied returning for the break-in. He cooperated and showed police his torso which did not have the incriminating tattoo. He was absolved as a suspect, and there are no others at present.

At 9:08 am on July 5, a man reported that his bicycle was stolen from his mother's locked courtyard in the 400 block of Blue Wing Dr. Whoever broke sometime on July 3 or July 4 has passed up other bikes in the same court and took a Black Scott carbon fiber road bike,  estimated value $3500, with customization. There were no suspects.

At 10:51 am, a patrolman recognized a wanted suspect in a blue Chevy Camaro being driven by another man as it entered the Sonoma Medical Plaza in the 100 block of Andrieux St. The deputy contacted and arrested William Kolodziej of Sonoma on an outstanding warrant, though the Kolodziej denied knowing there was a warrant out on him. Kolodziej was recognized by his "Ladies Love Outlaws" tattoo.

During the stop, the driver, Dominic Troia, 23, of Forestville, said he was a friend of a friend who was just giving Kolodziej a ride to see his doctor. Police smelled marijuana smoke, but Troia said he had a medical permit and refused permission for police to search the vehicle. Looking in the windows from outside the deputy saw a glass jar with a green substance, giving him probable cause to conduct a search.

Police found a small black backpack with a three-number combo lock sealing it on the back seat. Again Troia refused to cooperate, saying he did not know or could not remember the combination. Police opened the bag with a blade and discovered Suboxene, a controlled substance used in heroin recovery, a tablet marked as N8, and several tabs of paper with watermarks consistent with the delivery of LSD; as well as a digital scale, small plastic bags, rubber bands and condoms.

Police found that Troia did have a recommendation for medical marijuana, but arrested him for possession of  a controlled substance and controlled substance for sale. Kolodziej was booked as a parolee at large.

At 12:15 pm, someone broke a vehicle window and stole a handicap parking placard.

On July 8 at 9:08 am, someone reported finding a red mountain bike on Manor Dr. which had been there since July 4.

That afternoon, at 2:50 pm, management of the on West Napa St. turned in a small quantity of medical marijuana which a guest had left behind on checkout.

On Tuesday, July 10, during the afternoon of the on the Plaza, bike patrol observed a group of young people getting out of a car at Depot Park with a 12-pack case of Coors Light. One man, later identified as Elroy Zimmerman, 25, of El Verano, produced ID to show he was over 21 although no one else did so. The group was let go.

Half an hour later the patrolling officer saw one of the group with a beer can, but when he approached the suspect did not have the beer and said she was only passing it. At about 8 pm, the same suspect was again seen with a beer can and Mackenzie Doyle, 19, of Sonoma was cited for possession of alcohol by a minor. Zimmerman was also cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.


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