10 Women, 2 Men on Supervisor Carrillo's 'Peeking' Jury; Trial Begins Today

Efren Carrillo. Patch file photo.
Efren Carrillo. Patch file photo.
Testimony will begin today -- Tuesday -- at Sonoma County 5th District  Supervisor Efren Carrillo's trial for allegedly peeking into a female neighbor's home in July.

Ten women and two men were selected to the  Sonoma County Superior Court jury Monday. The panel also has a male and a female alternate juror.

Opening statements by attorneys are scheduled for 10:15 a.m. Tuesday in Judge Gary Medvigy's court.

 Napa County Deputy District Attorney Cody Hunt and Supervising Deputy Attorney General Joyce Blair will call the alleged victim, identified as Jane Doe, and two Santa Rosa police officers as witnesses.

The  Sonoma County District Attorney's Office is not prosecuting the case to avoid a conflict of interest. During the July 13 incident, the alleged victim called police to report someone tried to enter her bedroom window.

She called police again while they were responding and said someone knocked on her door, identified himself as a neighbor and ran away, according to Santa Rosa police.

Police arrived at 3:40 a.m. and found Carrillo, 33, dressed only in his socks and underwear.

The victim requested a citizen's arrest and Santa Rosa police questioned Carrillo in a patrol car and at the police station. Carrillo was arrested for felony prowling and burglary, but he was charged on Nov. 1 with misdemeanor peeking.

Recordings of Carrillo's three interviews with police were played during hearings on pre-trial motions Friday. They contained Carrillo's account of the incident.

Carrillo told police his girlfriend gave him a ride home from the  Space XXV nightclub in downtown Santa Rosa around 2:30 a.m. on July 13.

He said he had two beers and two strong mixed drinks at the nightclub. In the most detailed of the three interviews that was recorded about four hours later, Carrillo said he noticed his neighbor's living room light was on after he went inside his apartment.

He said he got two bottles of Pliny the Elder beers from his fridge and went to his neighbor's apartment. He said he went to the back of his neighbor's apartment and knocked on a sliding glass door, then quietly knocked on her front door.

His neighbor said, 'Who is it?' and Carrillo said he replied, 'It's Efren, your neighbor,'" Carrillo told police.

When he heard a man inside the apartment say, "What the hell?" he left and dropped the two beers near the front lawn. "When I heard the voice, I bailed," he told police.

 Carrillo said he did not remember being by his neighbor's bedroom window.

When a police officer asked him during the interview at police headquarters why he was in his socks and underwear Carrillo replied, "In retrospect I should have put my pants on."

The prosecution is expected to play the recorded interviews with police at the trial.

Carrillo entered an alcohol treatment facility after the incident. When he returned to the Board of Supervisors at a meeting in August he publicly acknowledged he had a drinking problem and apologized.

-- Bay City News
Gregg L. DesElms April 23, 2014 at 10:25 AM
I'm sorry, but why is the woman called "Jane Doe?" Why is she not identified. She is not only the alleged victim, but she is also the complainant to the point of being the arrester (she, after all, she wanted to make a citizen's arrest; and California is a citizen's arrest state). This is not a sex crime; and the woman "Jane Doe" is not a minor. There is no justifiable reason why she is not identified; and shame on the media for not getting a higher-court judge to order the lower court judge to release the woman's name. Not releasing it is not reporting the news. I'm sorry for the woman's discomfort, but that's not how we do things in the US. Shame, again, on the media for just lying down and taking that particular of the Court's rulings.


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