Sonoma Police: Boy, 12, Charged with Battery; Underage Smoking; Home Burglary

Sonoma Police Log: Sept. 23 - 28

Selected calls from the :

Friday, Sept. 23

Missing Person:  Salvador Magallan-Tores, 26, was reported missing by his ex- fiancé, with whom he shares a child. He failed to pick up his paycheck last week and hasn’t been seen since Thursday, Sept. 15.

Burglary: Someone broke into a property on the 1300 block of Larkin Dr., bashing in a sliding glass window and making off with $4,720 worth of goods including a PlayStation, jewelry, a camcorder, a folding knife, a gold lapel pen, a pillowcase, a police scanner and a jar of change. A Crime Scene Investigation unit found a partial shoe print, several fingerprints and DNA evidence at the scene.

Petty Theft: At 11 p.m., a officer patrolling near 7-11 spotted a boy stealing a black and green mountain bike. The boy, 17, jumped on the bike and rode it northbound on 2nd Street West. The officer stopped the boy and called his mother to retrieve him. She scolded him for stealing a bike when he had one at home; the boy replied, “I know, but all my tires are flat.” He was cited to Youth and Family Services for petty theft.

Saturday, Sept. 24

Vandalism: An employee of the Merrill Gardens senior community reported that someone shattered a glass door on one of the decks of their units on Friday evening. A neighbor heard a thump at 5 p.m., but did not see anyone suspicious.

Sunday, Sept. 25

Minor Possessing Alcohol: An officer stopped two boys walking on Fourth Street West and Bettencourt and asked if they were carrying anything that “could get them in trouble.” One of the boys, an 18-year-old Boyes Hot Springs resident, had a 12-oz can of Coors Light beer in his pocked. He was issued a misdemeanor citation for being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Possession of Controlled Substances: An officer searched found marijuana in the pocket of a seasonal worker who was picking up recycling from the Vintage Festival. The man, Brian Webber, a 58-year-old transient, also had a two plastic bags filled with about a gram of crystal meth and a glass pipe.  Webber was booked into Sonoma County Jail on felony charges of possession of a controlled substance.

Monday, Sept. 26

Smoking Underage: An officer caught a 17-year-old Boyes Hot Springs boy smoking on the 700 block of Broadway just after noon. He also had a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He was cited for possessing cigarettes underage and was released to his mother.

More Teen Smoking: An officer cited three teenagers who he spotted smoking outside the at 11 p.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 27

Underage Smoking: An officer cited two teenagers for smoking underage at the .

Vandalism: Someone pulled a mailbox out of the ground in front of a home on the 500 block of Studley St.

Found property: The police department picked up a bike, which had been abandoned in town for about two weeks.

Wednesday, Sept. 28

Fight at School: staff called in the police after breaking up an altercation between two students at 12:05 p.m. One student, a 12-year-old Sonoma resident, tackled another student, forcing him down on the ground where he straddled him, throwing punches at his face. After a faculty member pulled the students apart, the victim was dizzy ad slow to stand. The aggressor told faculty that he attacked the student because he stole his ‘hatchet-man’ necklace, which refers to a gang-symbol. The boy was booked into a juvenile facility, and charged with two felony counts of battery with serious bodily injury and participation in a criminal street gang.

False Perscriptions: A 39-year-old Boyes Hot Springs resident was caught attempting to pass a falsified prescription at Rite Aid. The prescription was a valid prescription, for another woman, written by the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center for magnesium oxide; written directly over the original prescription, in blue ink, was an order for “Vikden 5/500, No. 40.” She was charged with one count of burglary and possessing a fraudulent prescription and transported to Sonoma County Jail.

Drunk in Public: Police arrested a 19-year-old Yonkers man, in town for a wedding, who they found knocking over planter boxes on the 600 block of Broadway. He was booked into Sonoma County Jail and charged with public intoxication.


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