Sonoma Police: Knives at (Middle) School, Dog Bite, Buying Beer for Kids? Don't.

Police Log: Sept. 16-22

Selected calls from the :

Friday, Sept. 16

Animal Complaint: While walking her dog in front of , a 75-year-old Sonoma woman was bitten when another dog walker lost control of her small brown dog, which lunged at the woman, causing a small one-inch laceration on her left ankle.

Saturday, Sept. 17

Probation Violation: An officer stopped a Boyes Hot Springs man, riding his bike on the 800 block of West Napa Street without a light-reflecting device. The officer searched the man, 25, who was on probation, and discovered a large black folding knife and a glass-smoking pipe in his left front pocket. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia and a probation violation, and was booked into Sonoma County Jail.

Providing Alcohol to a Minor: As part of the “Shoulder Tap” program with the , the Sonoma Police nabbed a number of adults furnishing minors with alcohol.

  • At 8:37 pm two decoys approached a 36-year-old Camino man and a 32-year-old Cameron Park woman at Vineyard Market, gave them $20, and asked them to buy them a six-pack of Coors Light. The man complied, but he was too intoxicated for the clerk to allow him to purchase alcohol, so the woman bought the beer. They were both cited for providing alcohol to a minor; the male was also cited for possessing alcohol in public.
  • The decoys struck next at 9:46pm at , where they asked a 60-year-old Sonoma man to buy them a six-pac of Coors Light. To protect himself, the man arranged with the youths that he would leave the beer behind the store for them. Deputies hiding in the bushes nabbed the man, who was cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor and violating his probation.
  •  Next, the kids hit up a 29-year-old Sonoma at 10:22pm outside of , asking again for a six-pack of Coors Light. The man sat down next to them and advised them to rethink their beer choices and pick a ‘higher brand of beer’ for their next drinking encounter. Still, he complied. He was cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Monday, Sept. 19

DUI: An officer stopped a white ‘97 Ford f150 it overshot a stop sign on Fifth Street West and West Spain. The driver, Johnny Ray Medeiros, a 28-year-old Sonoma man, appeared intoxicated, but told the officer he’d consumed only two Coors beers during a day of fishing. His blood alcohol level was over the legal limit, at .125; he was arrested and charged with a probation violation and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Suspicious Circumstances: At 4:39am a man left his house, on the 500 block of West Spain, to commute to work, only to find a man sleeping in his Chevy Tahoe, which was parked in his driveway, unlocked. The man—described the man as a white male, in his early 20s, with a shaved head, clad in a black sweatshirt and black shorts riding a black skateboard—took off, leaving a helmet behind on the front seat. While searching the area shortly after, an officer found a man fitting the description, walking on Seventh Street West and West Spain. The man saw the cop and fled, leaving his skateboard behind.

Even More Suspicious Circumstances: A resident of the 500 block of West Spain Street reported that his long skateboard and helmet were stolen from in front of his house during the night. He heard his dogs barking during the night, but didn’t check the front of the house until morning. His description matched the skateboard and helmet left in by the previous perp.; both were returned to him.

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Switch Blade on Campus: At 11am a campus supervisor at turned in a 17-year-old El Verano boy, who brought a 2.5 inch metal folding knife, with a switch-blade action to school. He was charged with possession of a switchblade on campus and was cited to Youth and Family Services.

Counterfeiting on Campus: A 13-year-old student was caught using counterfeit money in the cafeteria. The student admitted to manufacturing the bills, and was cited to Youth and Family Services. 

Petty Theft on Campus: A substitute teacher at reported that her iPhone 4 was stolen off her desk while she was substitute teaching in another classroom. Several students, who were in the classroom at the time, told administrators that a 15-year-old Boyes Hot Springs boy had taken the phone. His sister returned it to the teacher on the Sept. 21.

Knife at School: An school aid found a 9.5 inch folding knife in the possession of 11-year-old El Verano boy. He hid the knife in a box behind his classroom, where a teacher, who suspected the boy of smoking cigarettes, found it. He was referred to Youth and Family Services.

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Display of a Weapon: A 23-year-old Santa Rosa man was brandishing a switchblade knife at 7-11 just before 9pm. He was charged with possession of a switchblade knife, and was booked in Sonoma County Jail.

Thursday, Sept. 22

Knife on Campus (Again): At 2pm, Principal contacted the police department to report a 12-year-old El Verano boy, who had been issuing threats with a 8.5-inch Gerber knife. A student told Deets that the boy had showed the blade to a group of students in the cafeteria, and threatened to slice the students’ necks. The boy told officials that he was carrying the knife, which his father uses for hunting, for protection. He said he’d been “tortured” at elementary school, and didn’t want it to happen again. The boy was charged with issuing terrorist threats, brandishing a deadly weapon and possession of a knife at school and was placed under arrest.


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