Sonoma Sheriff's Dept. Trains Regularly for Shooting Incidents Like Newtown, Conn.

Active protocols are in place, spokesman says.

A gunman in Newtown, Conn. killed up to 27 people, including 20 children and himself on Friday morning, according to authorities. Identifications of the deceased are expected to be released Sunday. Families have been notified. None of them has been allowed within the school grounds.

Our sister Patch site, NewtownPatch.com is providing regular updates. A press conference is expected at 8 a.m. Saturday, Newtown time.

The suspected shooter is Adam Lanz.

Sonoma Valley Patch asked Sonoma Police Sgt. Spencer Crum what steps authorities have taken locally to prepare for any such tragedy that could occur here.

"After Columbine, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department developed active shooter protocols and (we) train regularly on these types of scenarios in an attempt to minimize loss of life," he stated by email. "We also treat all school threats very seriously. We work closely with our schools, community outreach groups, parents and kids to resolve potentially dangerous situations."

No one was available at the Sonoma Valley Unified School District to respond to our question today.

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