Colder Temperatures Coming, Snow in Parts of Sonoma County

Expect cold rain, with possible snow down to 1200 feet in northern Sonoma County.

The coldest air of the winter so far is expected to arrive in the North Bay by late Wednesday, along with scattered rain. Snow could even fall in Sonoma County, with levels as low as 1,200 feet in the northern areas and about 1,500 feet in southern parts of the county, according to the National Weather Service.

Temperatures in the lower elevations could dive to the upper 40s during the day, Thursday through Saturday, while higher elevations may only get into the upper 20s.

Thursday through Saturday evenings are expected to bring widespread temperatures in the mid to upper 20s, so frosts are possible even in major urban areas.

There won't be a lot of moisture in this system, forecasters say, so any snow will only be a light dusting and rain will be slight. Wind could gust 15 to 25 mph on Wednesday.





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