County is Ready for Electric Vehicles, says Bay Area group

Sonoma County chosen first among 11 competing Bay Area agencies for EV readiness

On Thursday, June 2nd, Sonoma County was honored by the Bay Area Climate Collaborative as the “Most Electric Vehicle Ready Community for 2011” for its wide-ranging policies to accelerate widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption and municipal usage of EVs.

Eleven agencies were nominated for the award and their submittals were judged based upon number of installed and proposed charging stations, adopted policies and ordinances in support of charging stations, ease of permitting for EV charging stations, outreach and education to catalyze the EV market, and a number of other criteria.

Board of Supervisors Chair Efren Carrillo commented, “This recognition is another demonstration of Sonoma County’s commitment to and investment in effective climate protection strategies.  Our charging station network is essential to facilitate widespread adoption of electric vehicles throughout the region, and complements our green house gas reduction goals.”

Sonoma County was selected as the winner by unanimous decision. Reviewers praised Sonoma County for their comprehensive work to assimilate EV technologies and highlighted the community outreach and education as having removed significant barriers to EV adoption. The reviewers also praised Sonoma County for streamlining the permitting process, expanding their EV fleet, and for the County’s robust plans to install public and fleet charging stations.

The Sonoma County Local Governments Electric Vehicle Partnership has been working together since 2008 to build out an electric vehicle infrastructure to support mass introduction of EVs throughout the county. Through grants and direct purchases, the partnership  plans to have 129 charging stations, available for fleets and general public use, installed in the County by late 2011. Currently there are 39 charging stations installed at County, Santa Rosa City and Water Agency property for public use.

The Sonoma County Local Governments Electric Vehicle Partnership includes the City of Sonoma as well as the City of Cloverdale, City of Cotati, City of Healdsburg, City of Petaluma, City of Rohnert Park, City of Santa Rosa, City of Sebastopol, Town of Windsor, County of Sonoma, Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, Sonoma County Transportation Authority/Regional Climate Protection Authority, Sonoma County Water Agency.

In addition to this honor, the Department of Energy's Clean Cities initiative will host the Sonoma County Water Agency in Indianapolis later this month to discuss the pioneering work in electric vehicle readiness and explore innovative financing mechanisms to implement EV infrastructure systems.

Bii June 07, 2011 at 09:46 PM
There needs to be electic charging stations in the town of sonoma if they want people to use electric. I drive an electric car and often need to charge it to get home. I would do more shopping in town.
John June 08, 2011 at 04:34 PM
I would like to think this also opens the door for hydrogen based fuel stations that in Europe use the FREE energy used in water treatment, the Hydrogen that is made now is simply thrown-away! The nation needs a multi-fuel strategy and our county should lead the way. We are moving in the right direction!
Dee Baucher June 08, 2011 at 06:06 PM
I agree with John. The hydrogen-cell cars being used in Europe are the way to go! Even with "sustainable" sources, the electricity demanded to supply all our vehicles will be too great for us to produce on a steady basis. The hydrogen cell cars will require the new installment of hydrogen fuel stations throughout our country, but will produce water (as a side benefit) and will ultimately make for better vehicles that don't use up valuable energy sources, which will be required to sustain our global world if we are to wean ourselves off of petroleum and coal.


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