Gorin Attacks Sawyer's Environmental Record

Sierra Club calls for Sawyer to 'cease using their name.'

Updated Wednesday 4 p.m. (See Sawyer's response at the end of the article)

Susan Gorin, candidate for Supervisor in Sonoma County's First District, reacted sharply on Tuesday to opponent that he cares about the environment.

“John’s contention that his new endorsements prove he cares as much about the environment as he does about promoting big business interests is disingenuous at best and deceitful at worst,” Gorin stated in a news release.

The Sierra Club confirmed for Patch on Tuesday that they are calling for Sawyer to "…cease using the Sierra Club name"… on all future communications. They stated in a news release that Sawyer “has never taken leadership on any environmental issue” and didn’t seek their endorsement.

Sonoma County Conservation Action (SCCA) also refuted Sawyer’s claim. In a news release that Gorin provided to media, the group pointed to their annual Report Card that grades Sonoma County elected officials’ responsiveness and environmental voting records. In the statement, SCCA declared, “… Brown and Sawyer are bad for Sonoma County's long term ecological health.”

Both statements from SCCA and the Sierra Club can by found at www.SusanGorin.com .

Gorin stated, “Sawyer can say anything to make himself look ‘green’, but he can’t hide his lack of an environmental record. As a councilmember he has consistently voted against environmental protections and conservation efforts. In contrast, my record of protecting our resources, open space, water and air quality has earned me the support of every endorsing environmental organization in Sonoma County."

Gorin also commented on a comment she said was contained in a Sawyer media release that "Supervisor Brown…. is exactly the kind of Supervisor I will be."

“Here is more proof Sawyer is a dangerous choice," she stated. "I believe that he would replicate the worst of Brown’s tenure: an allegiance to moneyed interests, a disdain for public input and a preoccupation with outside lobbying contracts. Brown’s SCCA environmental scorecard is also one of the worst,” Gorin said.

Patch received this response from John Sawyer via email on Wednesday:

"My opponent failed to mention: As Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilmember, I have supported green initiatives dealing with climate change, reducing greenhouse gasses, instituting green building policies and supporting efforts to reduce our carbon footprint."

Dee Baucher August 22, 2012 at 06:20 AM
Susan Gorin appears to be the consummate politician. Carpet bags herself into the district, to qualify to run for an office where she doesn't really live. Promotes herself as the only "environmentalist"... and attempts to discredit her opponent by manipulating 3rd party groups' endorsements. Now if she could only provide us with succinct and tangible plans for how she will be effecting county decisions regarding the Sonoma Valley, so that we can determine what she is really offering to do for us, then we might have some reason to consider her candidacy. Until then, its just a lot of hot air from someone who like to play politics, for her own self-service.
Mickey Cooke August 22, 2012 at 09:21 PM
If you knew Susan, you would know how much hard work she has done to reflect the concerns and needs of those who elect her. She is a listener. She is unafraid of taking positions that are tough and sometimes unpopular. She has years of experience with the kinds of regional groups that work toward sustainability, healthy communities and efficient management of our resources. She is just what the county and our Valley need. We need a consummate politician as our representative!! She knows the ropes. Mickey Cooke
dclaire August 23, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Like Mickey, I can attest to Susan Gorin's record as an unwavering protector of the environment, which is why she, unlike Mr. Sawyer, supports Smart Growth and other sustainable development policies. Managing our precious resources while providing for the needs of our residents requires the kind of dedicated, intelligent, and honest resolve I find in Susan Gorin. Her integrity is refreshing. Deborah Nitasaka
Will Shonbrun August 27, 2012 at 05:46 PM
There are clear and distinct differences in the principle values and policy objectives between County Supervisor candidates Susan Gorin and John Sawyer. Chief among these differences are environmental issues: protections and conservation, water scarcity and pollution, air quality and energy efficiency, and open space and woodlands preservation. Susan Gorin has a proven track record on these and other key environmental concerns. That is why she is endorsed by the two primary county environmental organizations, The Sierra Club and Sonoma County Conservation Action. On the opposite side of this stands John Sawyer who, as the Sierra Club has stated, “Has never taken leadership on any environmental issue” [emphasis added]. Sonoma County Conservation Action, the county’s premier environmental organization has given its highest Environmental Voting Record Grade to Susan Gorin (A) for the last 4-years, while giving its lowest grades to John Sawyer for the last 6-years (D and F). This grade also rates how these office holders, “Listen to Constituents.” On the flip side, Gorin has supported and taken leadership positions on key environmental issues such as: • Water conservation and reuse • Transit-oriented development • Energy-efficient projects and Co2 reduction • UGB renewals If you want an environmental leader, available and responsible to her constituents, who'll promote smart, sustainable and green development then Susan Gorin is the candidate for you.
Marilyn Goode August 29, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Marilyn Goode Susan Gorin is the supervisor with a strong environmental ethic plus a person with a compassionate heart for those who cannot help themselves. She has served on the School Board and as a city councilmen she has a strong grasp on city policy and concerns that include water, air quality, sewage and land use planning. Also dealing with the reality of diminished financial resourses and balance the needs of the community without causing real hardships to our most vulnerable. She gets my vote and I hope yours as well. Marilyn Goode


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