Spring Lambs—New Zealand Video/Photo Gallery Part IV

At Cornwall Park—a public farm partially owned by the City of Auckland—spring lambs and ewes are protected by a sign alerting strolling visitors not to bother them.

It's not often you take your kids to the park, only to find a sign requesting that you don't bother the inhabitants.

But in Cornwall Park in New Zealand—a favorite spot for residents and tourists to walk—signs request that visitors keep a distance from the sheep because lambing is in progress.

It's spring and the park is a working farm owned by the City of Auckland and a trust board. Small flocks of sheep meander around, eating the grass among the visitors. They are kept inside the park by metal grates on the road. The cattle, on the other hand, are behind fences.

"Mismothering" could occur, according to a sign, if the sheep and their offspring are bothered.

"Kiwis" (New Zealanders) have countless happy memories created in this park. Carloads of families come on the weekends to unwind in the playground, hike to the obelisk at the top of a volcanic cone known as One Tree Hill and take in panoramic views of Manukau Harbor.

In spring, there's the added delight of lambs playing on the hillsides and bleating to find their mothers. Visitors can get fairly close to get photos, deftly avoiding the droppings, but ewes will always have a wary eye on their young and call them to their sides if anyone oversteps the mark.

On my recent trip back to New Zealand to see family, we took a stroll through the park, with the fresh air (the wind you'll hear on this video) blowing in our faces. The yellow-flowering tree you'll see is the native Kowhai (pron. ko-fie).

To see the rest of this series of brief anecdotal pieces from my trip, click here to go to Maori singing, click here to go to the Auckland waterfront, click here to see a strange-looking native bird and some black swans in a public park.

Stay tuned for other pieces on two beautiful beach areas in Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.


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