Online Tool Matches Voters with Ideal Presidential Candidate

In California, more voters would favor Libertarian and Green candidates than the Republican, according to an online free quiz.

In case you haven't heard, the upcoming national election between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney could come down to the undecided votes, if the polls are anywhere near accurate.

While it's more than likely Obama will carry California, we too have undecided voters, and you may have friends and family in more contested states that still have to make up their minds.

But do you really know which presidential candidate best matches your stance on those issues? Knowing that might help you figure out where your vote should go.

A new website launched earlier this year to help voters match up with their ideal candidate, and it's quickly gaining popularity through social media channels. In fact, according to iSideWith.com's homepage, more than a million people have taken the free quiz to determine their ideal candidate since it launched in March.

The quiz covers everything from social issues to foreign policy with answers that can be fine tuned: You can choose general or more detailed responses, and a scale allows you to set the level of importance for each issue. Your responses are then analyzed to determine your ideal candidate, complete with a breakdown of your response matches.

Among the people who took the quiz in California, their positions matched President Barack Obama's 54 percent of the time — more than any other candidate. Interestingly, 46 percent of Californians sided with Green Party candidate Jill Stein and the same number, 46 percent, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

And what about Romney? Just 34 percent of California residents who took the quiz have the same views as he does on the key issues.

Seems to be a pretty handy tool, but does it work? You tell us. Take the free quiz on iSideWith.com and let us know what you think. Is the candidate it matched with you the candidate you plan to vote for?


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