Democrats in Sonoma Rejoice in Obama Victory

Supporters say the president was re-elected due to a groundswell of on-the-ground support and because he was 'honest about just being a human being.'

Sonoma Valley Democrats gathered at their headquarters in Sonoma Tuesday night to give an uproarious hail to their commander in chief, after he won a second term in office.

"It doesn't get any better than that!" said one supporter, wearing a 'Change We Can Believe In' shirt, as he stood up and clapped at the end of the president's speech on television.

Judging by the applause in the room, Barack Obama's closing remarks about equality regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation were not lost in Sonoma, which has a significant gay and lesbian community. Sonoma County has been called the 3rd most tolerant county in America.

Patch asked the group's secretary, Beth Hadley, to assess how Obama managed to take the victory.

"His ground game plan—us!" she said.

The city of Sonoma had the highest voter turnout in the state in 2008—at 93.4 percent. The turnout for this year has not yet been released.

On Tuesday night, Hadley wore earrings with Obama's face on them, to show her support.

Patrick Garcia also gave his opinion. He said he thought Obama won a second term "by being honest about just being a human being" and not shifting from one side to another to win votes.

About 50 people showed up at the headquarters to watch election results and talk to their supporters, including Susan Gorin, candidate for County Supervisor, and Laurie Gallian, city council candidate and incumbent.


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