Street Maintenance, Ben Flajnik on Deck for Tonight's Sonoma City Council Meeting

The meeting will also explore how to fund the city's economic development program, without redevelopment funding


Sonoma's City Council will deal with ways to fund two major programs without redevelopment funding at tonight's public meeting.

For the less politically inclined, tonight's meeting will also feature the return of a local celebrity: , Ben Flajnik.

Flajnik, who drew a crowd of millions to watch his search for love on the 2012 season of ABC's the Bachelor, will receive a proclamation for the show's pristine .

"Sonoma is proud of Ben Flajnik and wishes to acknowledge his life, his successes and his contributions to the community," reads the proclamation.

"Filming portions of 'The Bachelor' in Sonoma brought with it an injection of revenue benefiting the local economy as well as bringing international exposure to our wonderful little city."

After a visit with celebrity, the council will discuss ways to fund two prominent programs without the use of redevelopment money.

The City's economic development program, a Valley-wide collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce and the Sonoma County Community Development Commission is currently funded with $69,360 of money from the city's redevelopment fund, and $15,640 from the county's redevelopment fund.

The Chamber of Commerce has allocated $15,000 in private funding for the program, and has suggested a grant application for an additional $16,000.

"This is a tremendous commitment by the Chamber of Commerce in
a time of economic uncertainty," reads the staff report. 

The council will also look at how street-maintenance will be funded, in a post-redevelopment world.

The city of Sonoma recently received a 'good' rating – or 70 – on its street conditions.

A copy of the 2012 PMP Report is available for viewing at the City Hall Building Department or online at http://www.sonomacity.org/uploads/PW/2012PMP.pdf

The Sonoma City Council meets at 6 p.m. at the Community Meeting Room, 177 First Stret West.


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