VIDEO: Wiz Kids Francesca Pharo and Alyssa Schimm

The Irish step-dancers have entered numerous competitions with their quick-stepping feet.

On Tuesday, May 10, held it's very own talent show, both on campus, and at the , with participants from all grade levels.

There were plenty of amazing performances (catch a video of ,) but Francesca Pharo and Alyssa Schimm, both 5th graders at Prestwood, stole the show with their amazing traditional outfits and Irish dancing.

Both girls have studied  both been practicing Irish step-dance for about 7-years with a Fidelma Keenann at the . They only take one class per week, but they practice every day. 

They have won dance competitions and recently danced at Murphy’s Irish Pub and many local churches. They are also good friends and said they are always having fun and learning new steps.

“The girls are adding talent to my class everyday, not only are they high achievers, they also are kind, considerate and creative," said their 5th grade teacher Mrs. Foshay.

The entire show is run by the school parents and the kids really look forward to it every year. All of the participants and parents have practiced for hours after school and on weekends. There were a lot of nervous kids on Tuesday morning but the show went off with out a hitch and all the parents and teachers were very impressed with all the talent shown.

For more information about Irish Dance Lessons contact Sonoma Academy of Dance and Arts or Keenan School of Irish Dancing at sodapop@ap.net.


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